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Planet X Flyby Distance to Earth and Pole Shift — Carles Esquerda, Alcione Association

April 13th, 2014 · Comments Off

McQuate's Annunaki — Ancient CataclysmsIn this, his second appearance on Cut to the Chase, Carles Esquerda, Director of the Alcione Association shares with us the closest distance Planet X will come to the Earth and the consequences of that, namely a devastating pole shift. This comes from Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, a professional Chilean Astronomer and a contemporary of V.M. Rabolu.

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Carles also offers a unique insight into how people around the globe are taking an interest in Planet X, which according to him is a red-tailed planet, five times the size of Jupiter. At we refer to Hercolubus as the smaller sister sun to our own Sol, a brown dwarf at the core of of what we refer to as the Planet X System. GO

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It’s Time to Bust a Move

April 7th, 2014 · Comments Off

It's Time to Bust a MoveAs the signs of catastrophic Earth changes increase, so does public denial. But for those in awareness and living in harm’s way, there are sleepless nights and anguished days because of an itch they cannot scratch.

The irrepressible urge to bust a move to safe ground, combined with the paralysis of self-doubt.

I know that agony all too well but I also knew the time had come to bust a move, and in February 2014, I relocated from Santa Cruz, CA to Reno, NV. In the process, things I expected to happen did. However, something I didn’t expect to happen did and was a profoundly transformative learning experience. GO

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