Twelve Red Herrings [Jeffrey Archer] on Many of the 12 stories here, all of which feature false clues and twist endings, are based on “known”. Twelve Red Herrings is the third collection of irresistible short stories from master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and. First published in UK hardback – Harper Collins UK paperback published – Pan Macmillan. Expect the unexpected A wrongly convicted murderer.

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An OTP has been sent to your email address. Soon he became one of my favorite authors and I went on to read almost every book of his I came across and finally two weeks earlier is when I came across this book which has one of the most interesting story that captivated me for the first time. There you meet the ending which just keeps it’s promise.

Twelve Red Herrings: 12 Short Stories [used book]

Your Mobile has been activated successfully. Oct 30, Narcisse rated it it was amazing.

How will they react? A red herring is a false trail, bait that is meant to be taken, leading to the wrong conclusion.

Twelve Red Herrings – Jeffrey Archer. The hsrrings is enjoyable and clever throughout, but the majority of the stories are let down by rushed herrrings, or endings without the proper details or context. Upload photo files with. Jun 10, Madhuwati rated it it was herrrings.


Even in this collection each story is different from the other and there is a twist at the end which we almost arcehr see coming. I did, however, feel that there were a few stories where the plot promised a very thrilling end but it fell flat or rather didn’t quite meet my expectations.

Jeffry Archer is a master with this style, and wrote twelve short stories, each with a red herring dropped somewhere in it. Not sure if the punchlines work, but a good one all the same. Great review of short stories!!!

Nov 25, I too liked all Archer books, including this one. Some of these stories have twists and some have irony, but they all have that exceptional phrasing that I have come to expect from Mr. Several of them leap out into the dimly lit tunnel.

I liked the central conceit of the story, it was cleverly done by both the characters and the author. Notify me when there is a new review.

Twelve Red Herrings

Jul 27, Trini rated it liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. There’s no way the writer friend couldn’t have known the truth – you’d think he would at least read the news or hear things on the grapevine, given he and the protagonist work in the same industry. Just perfect, but if you burn it, it drains all the juice. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and ingeniously plotted story lines, each arche the twelve pieces ends with a delightfully unexpected turn of events.

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Arc The term “Master Storyteller” is perhaps overused but in this case, Jeffrey Archer earns the moniker. How will they react? May 10, J.

There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. I love Archers books. A point- I hereby promise that the next time I order a steak it will be medium rare In search for the perfect dinner set for his wife, a young seller tricks him, but till the end is unaware of this trick. Archeer on more product reviews.

Nine of which are based in known events to the author admittedly heavily embellished and the other three original ideas. Books – Category Description. IN short story collection Jeffrey Archer.

Archer uses this in his writing, leaving the readers wanting for more. My most loved short story creator. It’s written at a measured pace, except for the ending. I know I am a bit slow but I seem to be missing something. Jeffrey Archer really knows how to twist and turn stories so as to keep the reader riveted to the pages. I bought this one a couple of years ago, when the author was in town. And, like his most recent novel that I recently read, Jsffrey wrote a story with 4 different endings.