Who works under the direct authority of DIRNSA and their primary function is to facilitate timely SIGINT support to unified commands, Joint Task. Study Flashcards On 1NX CDC at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!. Study Flashcards On 1NX51 CDC at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!.

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Which element of reasoning is defined as the logical relationship between two propositions in which, if the first is true cdd second is true? Which geographic or military grid reference coordinate is written correctly?

Personnel assigned to this intelligence specialty fly as primary aircrew onboard a wide variety of aircraft to operate, evaluate, and manage airborne ISR information? To provide information and assessments to facilitate accomplishment of the mission.

What type of reasoning is being used if one concludes something is true by using logical conclusions based of facts?

1NX51 CDC Practice Test – ProProfs Quiz

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us for assistance. Which title of the USC outlines the role of the armed forces and serves as the legal basis for the roles, missions, and organizations of the DoD? This is an example of? Go to My Dashboard.

1nx51 CDC Vre

If your current AFSCs are in error, please contact us at mcmillansg mcmguides. What intelligence discipline includes collection of clandestine acquisition of photography, documents, and other material?


The act of classifying a cdx item of information on the basis that 1mx original classification decision has already been made by an authorized OCA is known as what? Under the Analysis and Production phase of PCPAD, what term best defines receiving information from sources, collating it, then entering it into the appropriate databases?

1nx51 CDC Practice Test

Which directorate is the focal point for functional management of all AF intelligence activities? What helps define tasks, express problems, and delineate boundaries?

If you wanted to strike a hospital to ensure enemy forces could not be treated for injuries, which type of targeting restriction would you have violated? The commander has a specific and limited objective for the mission. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. This capability is designed to affect behaviors, protect operations, communicate commander’s intent and project accurate information to achieve desired effects across the cognitive domain?

If you were working at an AOC and needed additional or reachback targeting support, what AF intelligence organization would you need to contact? Please take the quiz to rate it. What type of targeting is the procedure for attacking targets that have been detected, identified, and developed in sufficient time for them to become part of a scheduled ATO?

Without any proof of this, what type of statement is this? Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A captured enemy ground force weapon system would likely be exploited by which of the following organizations? What is a defensive action that attempts to prevent our adversaries from gaining and exploiting our unclassified, but critical, information? Preventing the exploitation of captured personnel in propaganda programs. What US Army system is mainly used to provide survivable and highly mobile fire support for armor and infantry troops?


Which bias is an unconscious belief which influences the act of knowing or making a judgment call?

Please sign in to continue. There is a new safe in the work center. What kind of bias is it when analysis is affected by the specific goal or preconceived ideas of an organization? 1x

What are you looking for? Which type of IO activity would help to prevent a nation state threat to assassinate the president? Which system is designed to provide commanders with timely intelligence derived from multiple source?

What is the producer of all-source intelligence on foreign ground forces? When plotting coordinates using the geocoords method, which of the following represents the correct order? What US Navy system allows mobile projection of naval air power across the globe?

During which step of the IPOE would an analyst prepare a detailed assessment on an adversary’s capabilities to include tactics and key centers of gravity?