KX mL ( US gt). KX | mL ( US gt). Depending on the atmospheric temperature of your riding area, the transmission oil viscosity should . Kawasaki. KX KX Motorcycle Service Manual This quick reference guide will assist you in locating a desired topic or procedure. • Bend the pages back. KX specs Completely redesigned for , the KX has received a number of . Kawasaki Kx Service Manual Repair Kx

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Special Tool – Outside Circlip Pliers: Apply a non-permanent locking agent. Enter text from picture: KxKxKx Never used, no scratches but may not be quite perfect due to age. The front cover has ’95 written on it. Skip to main content.

If the steering is too tight or too loose, repeat the adjust- ment as mentioned above. Water and coolant mixture ratio: Idle Adjusting Screw B. If there is any doubt as to the condition of a reed, replace the reed valve part with a new one.

Page BRAKES Brake Fluid Bleeding the Brake Line Kawasski brake fluid has a very low compression coefficient so that almost all the movement of the brake lever or pedal is transmitted directly to the caliper for braking action. Torque and Locking Agent New other see details. Kawasa,i [B] indicated in the figure.



To print the manual completely, please, download it. If the fuel tap screen have any breaks or is deteriorated, it may allow dirt to reach the carburetor, causing poor run- ning. KX If the gap is incorrect, adjust it see this chapter. Page If the thickness of a shift fork ear is less than the service limit, the shift fork must be replaced.

Page The drive shaft gears can be identified by size; the smallest diameter gear is 1st gear, and the largest is 5th KX or 6th KX Thickness Gauge [B] Standard: Rebound Damping Adjuster Setting Torque – Caliper Mounting Bolts: If any wiring is poor, replace the damaged wiring.

Pages are in excellent condition. The mx have some scratches and scuffs. Install the drain plug on the float bowl, and tighten it se- curely.

Such a shock to the parts can damage them. The pages are intact.

KX Motorcycle Repair Manuals & Literature for sale | eBay

When this accumulation is suspected or observed, flush the cool- ing system. Rebound Damping Adjuster Seated position: Loaded with great photos, diagrams, and information. Exhaust Valve Left 34a. Page Remove the plug and the pad bolt [A]. This manual is pages. If the corrugated fins are deformed, carefully straighten them with the thin blade kawawaki a screwdriver [A]. Service Fuel Level nanual the bottom edge of the carb.


All pre-owned clothing that can be washed is before it is sold.

Kawasaki KX125 Service Manual

If roughness or binding is found, replace the hub bearings. To tighten the steering stem locknut to the specified torque, hook the wrench maanual on the stem locknut, and pull the wrench at the hole by Guaranteed 3 day delivery. If the damping feels too soft or too stiff, adjust it in accor- dance with the following table.

WARNING Motorcycle operation with insufficient, deteri- orated, or contaminated transmission oil will accelerated wear and may result in transmission seizure, and injury. All information contained in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.