View the Users Manual for the ARRIS Group model N8 ADSL2+ Router GZN8. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. Default Password, Login and IP for your Motorola N8 router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Motorola N8 router. Get Motorola N8 Network Router User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!.

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Status – Wireless Statistics PageUse the pull-down menu near the top of the page to choose the wireless network that you want to monitor. Wait for the DSL light on the front of the N8 to turn solid green steady and not blinking.

Motorola N8 User manual |

After you log in to the N8, the Quickstart page will appear. Status – Firewall Log The firewall log options are: Look for the text under the control panel title in the left of the window: Press the WPS push-button on the back of the N8 to begin the exchange, which may last up to two minutes.

Home Home You may click the menu item to return to the N8 home screen. When the N8 restarts, it loads the last saved configuration.

Check and verify the operation of the AC power outlet. How do I access the configuration screens of my N8? Wireless clients will still be able to communicate with the N8 and to wired Ethernet-con- nected interfaces connected to the N8.


When you release it, the N8 will perform a factory reset, clear all settings and configurations, and reboot. Follow these steps to add security to your wireless network and enable the fastest wireless speeds on your N8. After you log in to the N8, the Quickstart page will appear. Connecting PowerThe Power light on the front of the N8 manuaal light solidgreen.

Click the Properties button. Don’t have an account? All services will be disconnected while the N8 restarts. Keep in mind mqnual all of your settings will need to be reconfigured. Before troubleshooting, make sure you have completed the installation of the N8 correctly.

This process usually works for resetting any router to it’s factory setting.

Motorola N8 : Network Router User Manual

With the N8 installed and on, use the following steps to add devices to the wireless network. Insert theplug on one end of the cable into any of the four yellow ports on theback of the N8. Clear Log – Removes all entries from the log and logging resumes. A list of adapters is shown in the window.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without written permission from Motorola Mobility LLC. Using a whitelist or a blacklist amnual can limit access to the wireless network using a client’s hardware ID. Activity Flashing green Activity detected on the provider network broadband connection.


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You must enter the assigned key for each new device that is added to the network. This time you will need to enter your wireless network pass- word to complete your connection. The Utilities category contains the following sub-categories, which will 22477-n8 when the Utilities link is clicked in the links bar.

Page of 68 Go. Internet Steady green Connected to the provider network. No wire- less devices will be able to access the Mwnual when the radio is disabled. Press the WPS push-button on the back of the N8 to begin the exchange, which may last up to two minutes. Click the Connect Anyway button to close the window and proceed.

Motorola by Product Types

If collection systems are not available, call Motorola Customer Service for assistance. In this mode, all traffic is passed through the N8, and it does not provide routing or security features.

When additional IP subnets are configured, information is displayed for each mahual. Motorola ptp series point-to-point wireless bridges pages. The default setting is enabled. A solid green DSL light along with a solid green Internet light indicates that an Internet connection is established.