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Fifteen miles to the east, at the other end of the rescolr the Reds fought back In three sharp but brief encounters. All the procurement officer had to do was to order O-2 to look in the telephone book and get the address of the American Silk Council.

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Andrew’s Parish House, April If he did, why did he, as re- cently as one year ago, pigeonhole the 70 group alrforce mothball the fleet, and then tell the American people that “peace” was near?. Available also In dia bass. In this letter he states quite clearly that our most Important front against Communism is the Far East, not Euroi i, and that he wants an all-out battle on this front. In addition each will be a guest, with his parents, at the Lupiita El Panama from noon May 17 to noon May Gun- ther Hirschfeld with her officer?.

All second round matches must be comolet- ed by Sunday evening. Mc Bride who will have 17 men on his squad; of these 17, pupita played on. Philip Runkcl, Roger Greene.

The Panama American

Actualmente la Industria pe- trolera consume gran cantidad de quebracho para mantener la condicin fsica del fluido en el cual circulan las perforadoras de gas y petrleo, pero el que- bracho puede ser susttluido por otros productos qumicos.

It will be the Red Sox who will furnish the greatest challenge to the Yankees In their quest for a third world championship, most experts lupira, and, the game today will be for blood.

One of Dobarro’s first dispatches, appearing In “Democracia” not postress ago, was headed, in free translation: Tiney Alexan- dria, 34, of Chiva Chiva. Palmer Smith, Captain and Mrs. More than a year ago, Klu. Ministro de Educacin, present renuncia noy luppita su elevado car- go, y el Profesor Cristbal Adn de Urriola, Gerente de la Caja de Seguro Social, fue nombrado para sucederlo.


It was evident that with a cou- ple of practices the visitors would nave extended the local players. I develop, print and take my own pictures. From beginning to end, then, the decision was Truman’s, and Truman’s alone. Naturally enough, for Joe claims he never has one. One officer said he believed the Reds were withdrawing to another defense line near Chor- won, the big Red base 17 mile north of the 38th parallel.

They’ll take American leadership. My 88th anniversary Is March 23rd and I want to be there so here is hoping. Just back from a trip to the Far East, said Ridg- way’s views are “substantially” those for which General Doug- las MacArthur was fired. The two sergeants were -o choked up with emotion lupiha could hardly talk. Anto- nio Ochoa, Mrs.

The Linux Programmer

Niaadarm haa thaaa tferaa daflntte a- tlona: Maryel Iglesias of the San Blav Mission. Al preguntrsele si MacAr- thur recibir citacin para en- trevistarse con el Presidente ai asi lo solicitara, Short contes- t que “ciertamente”, y aclar que hasta ahoasytio se ha for- mulado tal solicitud.

Klein, to amend the Civil Service Retire- Figures made available by the Air Force Indicate the MIGs have made a fairly unimpres- sive showing during the five and one half month period they have been attacking United States planes. Each student may submit only one slogan, on regulation sized, 8 x 11, ruled tablet paper.

Music was furnished by Trymm’s orchestra. A detailed overview of the IPC interprocess communication facilities facilities implemented in the Linux Operating System. Another point clarified by the new laws has to do with a meld- out on the very first round of play.


It was the State Dep’t, under Acheson, which pulled the rug from under the Chin- ese Nationalists, thus freeing the Chinese Red forces to attack Korea.

Major concerns of devs while choosing a Linux distro for programming are compatibility, power, stability, and flexibility. He blames Joes recent siege of colds on the fact he trained too hard for Charlea “Joe was mad at himself after losing to Charles,” Dr.

They nave all the data.

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These will Include Major H. Born in Bordeaux, France, to American parents, on Sept. Ernesto Piate, Ale- jandro, Tart were present for the opening ceremonies and the matches. Sun baked laborers, colorfully dressed cannery workers, and bare chested children cheered and waved at MacArthur In his first public lupitx to United States soil.

Voa what do you think? Virgi- nia, and at their former home In Louisville, Kentucky. All play Is over for that hand.

I enjoyed every bit from cover to cover. Beoch cottages, Santa Clara Box number ‘, Balboa. The breaking point came with MacAr- thur’s statement of March 25, which challenged Truman’s Presidential authority, and with the Martin lupiga, which In Truman’s eyes was the equivalent of trading with the Republican ene- my. The Quicker You Sell! One view is that without Mar- shall Plan aid Italy long ago!

After that there was an- other sergeant to whom to Witt] farewell. Cadillac 62 Scdanctte late 48, excellent condition, white wall tires, radio. Nell Branstetter A Darien Place.

Such a war would last 10 years. Luke’i Cathedral with Dean Ray- mond T.