Ergenekon (Turkish: [æɾɟeneˈkon]) was the name given to an alleged clandestine, secularist . The original three prosecutors were Zekeriya Öz ( prosecutor-in-chief), Mehmet Ali Pekgüzel and Nihat .. Ergenekon İddianamesi (in Turkish). Operation Sledgehammer (Turkish Balyoz Harekâtı) is the name of an alleged Turkish . In mid-November a third page indictment was sent to Istanbul Commenting on all investigations in the Ergenekon cases they alleged : the key . Balyoz iddianamesi” mahkemede; accessed on 13 November ; ^ Jump. Bu birleştirmeyle Ergenekon’daki iddianame sayısı 15’e çıktı. Toplam 3- Danıştay saldırısı ve Cumhuriyet’e bombalı saldırı davası. 17 Mayıs.

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This has included the illegal publication of “evidence” collected by the investigators before it has been presented in court, misrepresentations and distortions of the content of the indictments and smear campaigns against both the accused and anyone who questions the conduct of the investigations. In Augustintellectuals from Turkey declared their support for the investigation and called upon all civil and military institutions to deepen the investigation in order to reveal the rest of the people tied to Ergenekon.

Archived from the original on 12 May Of those, the structure of only the “Theory” department had been revealed as of September The discussion page may contain suggestions. In addition, six arrest warrants were issued against defendants attending the hearing and 69 decisions on apprehension were issued against defendants who had not come to the hearing. The case was to be appealed. Archived from the original on 13 March He is still sentenced in absentia for this offense.


The army said the plans had been discussed but only as part of a scenario-based planning exercise at a military seminar. Retrieved 14 August An organization named “Ergenekon” has been talked about since the Susurluk scandalwhich exposed a similar gang.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 15 November Should this case also be merged the number of defendants will be Retrieved 2 December On 16 January Mr.

Ergenekon trials not many people still really understand what is happening.

Journalist Mehmet Baransu said he had been passed documents detailing plans to bomb two Istanbul mosques and accuse Greece of shooting down a Turkish plane over the Aegean Sea. Retrieved 6 April In most cases the name is shown as having derived from the Ergenekon myth ; a place in Eurasia of mythological significance, esp. Archived from the original on 21 January Retrieved from ” https: Edelman said the Ergenekon arrests “underscore the serious questions about Turkey’s continued commitment to press freedom and the rule of law “.

Sledgehammer (coup plan)

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. On 19 June all the accused were ordered released from prison, pending a retrial, after a finding by the Constitutional Court that their rights had been violated.

Archived from the original on 9 June Inyears before the trials, a man affiliated with the Gulen movement approached Eric S. Ricciardone stated that a transparent trial was expected and he tried to understand, how freedom of press could be discussed, when journalists were being arrested. After the hearing of 11 February the court decided to arrest defendants. Retrieved 27 May Ergenekon allegation Far-right politics Terrorism in Turkey Nationalist organizations Clandestine groups Turkish nationalism Rebel groups in Turkey Paramilitary organizations based in Turkey.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This included the case that the original Sledgehammer document, claimed to have been produced in 3.rrgenekon, was actually created using Microsoft Word The main body is still active.

Ergenekon’da dava sayısı Masonlarla 15 oldu – GÜNCEL Haberleri

The hearing was adjourned to 3 October Three retired generals were sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment: The New York Times. At the beginning the courtroom could accommodate about people. Ergenekon’s modus operandi had been compared to Operation Gladio ‘s Turkish branch, the Counter-Guerrilla. In the footnotes to translated passages of the book you can find other works on the subject.

The trial started on 16 December with the first court hearing, held in the court house of Silivri Prison. In the President and Board of the Istanbul Bar Association were charged with attempting to influence members of the judiciary in the trial, after they had intervened in a hearing to demand a fair trial. Archived from the original on 19 November The deep state is 3.ergenekom to be based in the army, but closely linked with MIT the national intelligence servicethe judiciary, and since the s the mafia.