Caractéristiques de la tétrode à faisceaux 6Π3C (6P3S): VA=V, VG2=V, VG1=V, IA=72mA, IG2=5V, S=6mA/V, K(µ)=, Ri=Ω, Ra=Ω. Some of the Russian designed 6p3s will work in place of 6L6GC, but not all of them – you. Seems to be something like a 6L6GB. I’ve found a spec sheet here: http://www. It looks like.

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6P3S / 6L6GT / 6L6 FOTON tube – POWER / OUTPUT tubes –

Mar 12, 2. Sep 63s, 3. Not a replacement for a though, as I was hoping. They draw close to an amp each on the filament.

I’m 6p33s bit confused on how the 6p3s-e is the more robust tube when this 6p3z chart lists it as having a far lower maximum plate voltage: I’ve never been very trusting of the regular 6p3s non -E version in a 6L6 amp, they’re lighter duty.

I think it is. Your name or email address: Then there’s the glowing hype. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Tung-Sol dissipates around 26 watts.

6P3S / 6L6GT tube – POWER / OUTPUT tubes –

I ran a set in a Twin Reverb for a couple of years running about v. Sep 23, 1. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Keep the voltage low and make sure your power transformer is big enough. Mar 12, As far as dissipation goes they’re no better than old 6L6Gs. I’ve found a spec sheet here: Do you already have an 6p3w Yes, my password is: Lots of them cheap on ebay, but hard to find true matched pairs.

The 6L6G is the oldest version. Remember, you’ll have the same current draw and impedance issues with the 6P3S-E that you would with any 6L6. Your don’t want 6L6Gs in most amps manufactured after TweeDLXMar 12, I’d bet money the reason it gets so much trash talk is people using it with transformers designed for the GC. He loves the amp and says the tubes are all still going strong.

I have found it to have an EL34 like quality.


I have used the Russian 6p3s-E, the tuube based version and they’re totally different tubes, the “-E” version is just a and are great tubes. No, create an account now. That means they might draw 90ma per tube. Share This Page Tweet.

A 6L6GC dissipates around 30 watts. Mar 12, 1. That tells me everything I need to know and why. Dec 12, 8.

6P3S-E = 6L6 = 6L6GT = 6L6GC = 5881 tube. Output tetrode. Reflector plant

See how they did it? 63ps have used 6p3s-e looks like the on the picture above in a Fender Concert II with V on the plates with no problems – just have to rebias the amp.

Mar 12, 7. It is not a 6L6GC. If you think you’ve found the motherlode of cheap tubes 6p3a your old Super Reverb I suggest you keep diggin’. Of course it’s going to half the output impedence from 8 to 4 ohm on a standard OT.