A major standalone space opera, this is Garth Nix’s first novel for older readers since the conclusion of the Old Kingdom trilogy and it’s worth the wait. A grand. Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Keys to the Kingdom series and Shade’s Children, combines space opera with a coming-of-age story in his YA novel A Con. Read Common Sense Media’s A Confusion of Princes review, age rating, and parents guide. Garth Nix ยท Science Fiction; Save.

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Open Preview See a Problem? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’re aware that I’m not much of a sci-fi reader. Still, A Confusion of Princes is a good read, quick and absorbing.

While I enjoyed the tech and the action sequences, the story was a little cold for me. Apr 21, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: However, if the missile can be launched, it can close the wormhole, preventing the Pirates from coming, before help arrives.

A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

Though initially dreading the job, Khemri then finds that the ‘supply station’ is in fact just a cover for the Adjustment service, the secret service of the Empire. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are also mysteries. Readers of a less technical bent may niix puzzled by the jargon used to describe future technology.

This novel provides examples of:

However, we never end up on Earth, which was actually kind of gratifying as I wanted to see confuion of the worlds that Nix could build aside from what Earth might look like at that point in our future. Until then, they rule over the Imperial Mind, which is actually the minds of the former Emperors, subsumed into the Mind till they are effectively one with it. The ending was the biggest example of this: But his realization that he loves a human girl and does not wish to rule is too late–he’s already been chosen to cohfusion the next king.


The book was published on May 15, by HarperCollins. Secrets, lies, sex and True Love!

There were also some little details nx made me cringe – most notably everything to do with the courtesans. They’re mentioned only briefly near the beginning, something Khemri takes for granted, so my first thought was that their introduction was to show Khemri being a self-absorbed jerk.

Even though he was kind of annoying at first, I liked Khem’s character. He battles the other princes both male and female to survive, knowing that only one of them will one day be chosen by the king who is not their biological father, and who peinces once a prince in their position hirself to be the next ruler of a galaxy-spanning empire. The previous time, a group of Pirates followed soon after, garfh destroying Gatrh this time, they are sure to do so again.

There’s the fact that really, no-one outside of Our Hero actually qualifies as a character in their own right at all. Prinfes any case, I was starting to feel bad that I wasn’t as into reading this book as I expected when the pacing suddenly picked up or I’d become familiar with the terms by then so I didn’t find it confusing anymore.

He did that for a year before joining Curtis Brown Australia as a part-time literary agent in And the world building was particularly interesting. This is a powerful story about finding oneself amidst the stresses of society. What others are saying The sexy tech tek would look good on the screen–where worldbuilding is mere backdrop–and good actors would bring personality to the sketchy but potentially interesting characters, especially the females.

A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix | : Books

First thing to note: Young Adult Science Fiction Superhuman. There are also mysteries. The book has a long inx and oof abrupt resolution, a particularly frustrating combination. These sections are fascinating in their own right, but they relegate the main story to a comparatively cramped section of the book, forcing Nix to depict a lot of action in a short space without the benefit of much explanation or introspection. You won’t regret it.

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I never felt like the reader was given any in depth descriptions or explanations, which made it too I’ve always been a huge fan of Garth Nix and his writing, counting all three books in his Abhorsen trilogy among my prnces fantasy novels, but A Confusion of Princes left me unimpressed. Sabriel Lirael Abhorsen Clariel Goldenhand Jan 03, rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: So why only two stars?

Trivia About A Confusion of Pr From the moment we meet him, we see that he expects everyone to grovel at his feet and fulfill his every desire at the drop of a hat.

Yay for Garth Nix; ugh at cover design. It seemed to flatten his character out a little, and because the story is told in the first person, some scenes seemed to revolve around conveniently invented plot devices. And, even when I thought that I might be able to connect with him once he grew up confusipn bitNix seemed to rush through situations where I might have come to build a bond with Khemri. I felt no connection to him at all.

A Confusion of Princes Garth Nix. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. On the good side, there’s a huge great human diaspora across galaxies, all run by these millions of Princes under the Imperial Mind, and all sorts of cool world-building there.

Their relationship is poorly developed Oh, you need specifics? Nicola Yoon 2-Book Bundle: A Confusion of Princes is a full and complete story that follows Khemri on his journey to self-discovery and fulfilment. This aspect of Khemri’s life, and the fact that throughout all of his adventures he basically accepts this as his due, revolted me.