I bought a Sodick wire EDM and installed is what happend: Computer starts up, and power buttons works i saw the pomp. We offer a huge range of Sodick & CNC repair services. GET IN CAN YOU REPLACE MY MONITOR ON MY EX 21 A SODICK MACHINE? YES, we. evening all,a couple of years back I got a a with mark 21 controller. well the controller is now toast and I was lucky to get a mark

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What sort of wire are you suggesting I look at? Aa320 I said, so far so good. He can be contacted through EDM Network. Is your machine wired for volts?

Did you by chance turn off the pumps by flipping the pump switch on the tank by accident -might be, there are some tiny switches not sure what those are doing. A quick Google search will find him. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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But like all things sodick Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Up to the next episode, learning to work with the machine instead of repairing it. We think the issue has been resolved. Sodicks are not an easy fix, that’s for sure! I’d be happy to help you if you can tell me how. But i saw the pomp rotates the wrong direction, so I changed 2 wires. So I made the machine ready for a test and then it happens: It seems you need BIOS specific sys disks.


Sodick Wire EDM

Same but not We are having the same issue, but, after powering down, re-booting, and starting the machine up again, it will run for a while, but then the same error, E, will come up again. Does the machine respond at all when you turn on the main power switch? Originally Posted by Milacron. Found Larry’s emailI’ll give it a try.

On the plug sets that are mounted on a plate above the U and V axis motors, the receptacles in the female sides were straightened and squeezed down a little, so the pins on the male side would be gripped more. The machine came with a transformer for various voltage. Sldick I came in I prepared to do a wire alignment when I was getting an error I think and something about a heat switch.

Sodick A don’t power up. Efficient professional service, would use again. Last edited by Ricdel; at If the servo faults out just about every LED on the servo will light up and stay on till you restart the machine. Computer starts up, and power buttons works also. Then the new powersource also failed! Cutting Technology Surjit I a20 not really sure what it is your are asking, but if it is the software to run your control I don’t have it for a mark Tags for this Thread controllermarksetsodicksodick a a mark So far so good.

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. SD — IQ solutions carried out preventative maintenance visits on all my equipment.


Those are the obvious things I can think of; if it’s still dead after you’ve checked all the obvious things, you’ll likely get back in business the fastest by contacting Larry W. I am seeking sys1 sys2 sodico sys3 disks please. I have no idea how to copy them. I’m not too sure the floppy drive in my machine even sodck anymore, I haven’t tried it in years.

A D screen failed contacted manufacturers agent was quoted a very high price contacted SD — IQ solutions who offered me an a32 replacement screen of the machine.

For those who are interested; the big search goes on, and I got this far: That is why I want to keep the costs at a minimum. Is current getting across the green power switch when you push it on?

Sodick A don’t power up

PCB repairs our trained technicians will carry out sophisticated diagnostic and repair to identify the defective components on the PCB during this process we will also replace time critical components this significantly minimises the chance …. Experience tells us most of the parts can a20 salvaged and re-used.

Also have you tried to swap motors to see if the problem stays with the axis.