R Hot Weather Concreting. ACI R Concrete mixed, transported, and placed under conditions of high ambient temperature, low humidity, solar. Temperature, volume changes, and cracking problems associated with mass concrete are treated more thoroughly in ACI R, R, and R. ACI Committee defines hot weather as any combination of high ambient temperature, high concrete temperature, low relative humidity, wind speed and.

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Concrete that is prone to bleeding generally has should be reconsolidated after most of the bleeding taken place. There will be less thermal expansion, and the risk of thermal cracking upon cooling of the concrete will be reduced.

Reference to this document shall not be made in acii documents. Cooling the coarse aggregatemay be an effective supplementary means to achieve desired lower concrete temperature Appendix B. Axi of Concrete in Hydraulic Structures Reapproved Other high-range water-reducing admixtures may greatly accelerate slump loss, particularly when initial slumps are less than 3 to 4 in.

The potential for thermal cracking, the delay between casting the cylinders and placing into staneither from overall volume changes or from internal redard moist storage, the greater the strength reduction. An error by 1. Adequate means of communication between bucket handlers and placing crew should be provided to assure that concrete is charged 3005r buckets onlythe placing if crew is ready to use the concrete without delay.

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This is because the temperature differential for each h 24 period is greater during these times the year. The longer for cracking are important. The surface appearance of concrete containing a midrange water reducer could be changed, thereby requiring a changeof 3055r timing of finishing operations. Adequateinspectionis also necessary to verify and document this compliance.

During preliminary field use, concrete containing admixture should be evaluated for consistency of performance in regard to the desired characteristics in hot weather construction. B4″Cooling mixed concrete withliquid nitrogen B4. The drum should not be stopped for extended periods of time.


Laboratory research, as well as field experience, shows that strength reduction and other detrimental effects are proportional to the amount of retempering water added. Concrete cast in hot weather is also susceptible to thermal-shrinkage as it subsequently cools. In addition, the following should recorded identified be and with the work progress in so that conditions relating to any part of the concrete conbe identified at a later date: Whenever possible,placing of slabs should be scheduled after roof structure and walls are in place to minimizeproblems associated with drying winds and direct sunlight.

These characteristics may influence selection of an admixture and its dosage more than properties usually covered by most specifications.

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This cracking is more likely in cool weather with slower setting concretes than hot weather. Efforts should therefore be made to obtain cold water. Sprinkling of coarse aggregates with cool water can reduce aggregate temperature evaporation and direct coolby ing Lee There are no educational or employment requirements. Increased water demand; Increased rate of slump loss and corresponding tendency to add water the job site; at Increased rate of setting, resulting in greaterdifficulty with handling, compacting, and finishing, and a greater risk of cold joints; Increasedtendency for plastic-shrinkage cracking; and Increaseddifficulty in controlling entrainedaircontent.

It is the purpose of this chapter to point outthe factors peculiar to hot weatherthatcan affect these operations and the resulting concrete and to recommend what should be done to prevent or offset their influence. Afog nozzle should beused to cool theair, to cool any forms and steel immediately ahead, and to lessen rapid evaporation from the concrete axi before and after each finishing operation.

Acii practices include selecting materials and proportions, precooling ingredients, and batching. The particular effects of hot weather on concrete performance and the precautions to be taken to minimize adverseeffects have been discussed previously.

Download Aci 305R 10 Guide To Hot Weather Concreting

Because bleeding rates vary from zero to over 0. The tests were made on plain concrete steel or fibers, limits on concrete temperature, reduced without admixtures or pozzolans that might have improved cement content, low-heat-of-hydration cement, increased its performance at elevated temperatures.


Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Plastic-shrinkage cracks are difficult to close once they have occurred see Section 4. Contactthe product manufacturer for information on proper application and dosage. Concrete should not be allowed to rest exposed avi the sun and high temperature before placing it into the form. Stop the mixer and cover the batch with wet burlap; 4. This system requires a large capital investment.

Even though water is usedin smaller aaci than the other ingredients, cooled water will reduce the concrete placing temperature, but usually by not more thanapproximately 8 F 4.

This chilled water is then dispensed intothe batch. Trial batches, however, should also be performed at the expected maximum placing temperature with consideration of using a mixing and agitating period longer than that required in ASTM C to help define the performance to be expected. Chemical admixtures in affect the properties concrete as described the following. The table is based on the assumption of a 10 mph 16 k m h wind speed and an air temperatureof 10 F 6 C cooler than the concrete temperature.

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High water temperatures cause higher concrete temperatures, and as the concrete temperature increases, morewaterisneededtoobtain the same slump. Copyright OAmerican Concrete Institute. As the greatest portion of concrete is aggregate, reduction of aggregate temperature brings about the greatest reduction in concrete temperature.

These concrete mixtures should be provided thermal protection to ensure gradual cooling at a rate thatwillnot cause themto crack; see Section 4.