In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi. : Almost Single eBook: Advaita Kala: Kindle Store. Almost Single. Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Relationship? Advaita Kala No Comments | Write Review. Fiction.

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It’s been a really long time since I read a chick lit I’ve kinda lost appetite for them. Ok No Privacy policy.

Book Review | Almost Single by Advaita Kala

All Book Quotes takes part in affiliate programs. One of them is getting divorced, and the other two are desperately looking for a good matrimonial catch [before they hit the expiry date from the marriage market ;- ]. I am a hotelier by profession and have worked and studied in India and abroad. Please try again later. The book provided me no funmany be laugh in some parts. And for that kapa this book sorely disappointed.

But about half a way, it gave exactly what I was expecting and more and I’m so glad I didn’t put it away. Overall, don’t spend your money but if you get a chance, why not pick it up. Read the rest of the review here. The book has no perspective to offer about urban working women. Enjoyed the first half of the book very much. Dec 25, Naughty Kitty rated it it was ok.

You may also like. There really is quite a bit of fun to be had in here. This site uses cookies.

Rereading the review, I realize it comes off harsher than I intended it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But they are just happy that I went out there and did what I wanted to do and the book came into being, since getting published can be tough. View all posts by Priyanka Sharma. Jun 29, Elysal rated it did not like it. The idea for Almost Single germinated as a result of some of the experiences that surrounded me. So all advaiya ‘almost singles’ who were pumping with joy while reading the book and feeling all good about themselves get hit by the reality, in their face lamost Aisha, the protagonist, the ugly, large kqla, 29 year old, finally gets hitched with an Amrika return, sophisticated, drop dead gorgeous, millionaire.


I am an avid reader and have a particular liking for the suspense genre, right from my Nancy Drew days to Agatha Christies, and the present conspiracy theorist books. Most of the parts are very predictable and we have seen and read ziliion times. Jala you want to read a good multi-cultural book in this genre, I recommend “Veil of Roses” by Laura Fitzgerald. The whole booked is loaded with cliche’s.

Almost Single by Advaita Kala | : Books

Almosy, is reduced to the search for Mr. The second one, Misha, oh I can so totally relate to her, coz she too is vertically challenged like me and suffers from the ‘high-heels-complete-the-look’ syndrome. In the early chapters, I didn’t feel this to be a novel in an Indian setting, I felt the characters, basically everything, is too westernized.

Her mum, cousin and aunty and friends give the right amount of spice to it. Return to Book Page. You qdvaita sure pick this one only to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon or kill in-flight time.

The second one, Misha, oh I can so totally relate to her, coz she too is vertically challenged Almost Single, a good morale booster initially for ‘almost single’ chicks, u get the drift? I just did not like the way the book ended. Almost Single is singularly awful: Aishas may be living in metros but they must be in minority. Aisha Bhatia, over-weight, wine-drinking and almost turning thirty single gal works in a grand hotel and has a snooty boss who makes her life difficult as and when he can.


I adavita reading about different cultures and part of the experience and appeal of reading a book taking place in India is learning about India. Apr 24, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: The Best Books of Aug 18, payal deb rated it it was amazing. You are commenting using your WordPress. I read this book through in one sitting – it was the right size and thoroughly engaging.

Of the three, Anushka being a divorcee happens to be the most sensible one helping out the other two with their perfect makeovers and being a shoulder to cry on during their lows ‘Ugh!

Notify me of new comments via email. It leads you to think that the story is of an about-to-be-divorced woman whereas the story is of an almost-left-single-girl — a 29 year old who is desperately looking for a partner.

Maybe it’s my Western perspective and the confrontation with a foreign culture. Those who alost like its first few pages.

Dec 29, Nikhilesh rated it did not like it.