The dr5-lab is the only quality Agfa Scala film processing available WORLD- WIDE [except Germany]. ABOUT SCALA: Scala is a very sharp for a iso film. Agfa Scala x – A medium speed, black and white film. Whether fashion, advertising, photo journalism, architecture or landscape – Agfa SCALA x offers exclusive performance in black-and-white. It supplies an.

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The next roll I set at iso and developed as normal FX39 The result was far better and printed well. Twenty one, to be precise. Hello there analogue souls. Dr5 processed work best for me. I hope ADOX silvermax comes out in at some point It won’t because it is a one way action sclaa Impex for the last rest materials available in Agfa Gevaert Mortsel Belgium to produce.

Agfa Scala 200 Pro 35mm

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It is nominally rated at ISObut can be used up to with no problem although apparently not if it is expired. Have a look at DR5. As we were chatting down at my local lab shop with the guy working there, i got a strange idea: As far as I know the emulsion is the same as APX, the different exposure index being qgfa of the reversal processing.


Continuous agitation the first minute, then five seconds scalq minute thereafter. Feb 23, 9. It is available in 35mm only and in their cine film cardtriges. And its provenance is a little mysterious.

AGFA scala 200x developing

See any errors on this page? I hope to one day project these with a Hass. There may be other toners out there that give stronger results. Adox Silvermax is an exact copy of the Agfa Scala film. Johnson Posted 4 years ago.

You might want to contact them. Feb 21, 2. I think for me, the iso setting will be a touch too far. Now, the NEW question is I decided to use Agfa ISO film and push it one stop. The speed of the Agfa Scala x can be varied in steps by pushing or pulling the process; The contrast, maximum density and granularity simultaneously 200s in comparison to the standard process.

Agfa Scala: What was so special about it? | I Shoot Film | Flickr

I wasn’t warned about the poor antihalation layer and the 1st frame was fogged along each edge But not into the picture atfa so loading a camera in shade should be a normal practise. Third, and most important, it a niche within a niche on an obscure periphery, and totally and utterly pointless in Anything like this that is available today?


Feb 22, 7. Do you have any good advice on how to develop the Scala x film?

Syndicate Atom RSS 2. Please send them all to me for proper disposal: And HDR scanning in Silverfast terminology is also not really necessary in this case.

I will go along with that – almost. Do you already have an account? So if you want to develop it as negative there are many options. Water looks particularly “wet” with this film be it rain on a sidewalt to lakes, waterfalls and beach scenes.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from A good portrait film I enjoy using Scala for both protrait and Landscape work in both 35mm and mm. I’ve got a friend who owns a dark room and i can get there and develop the films by myself or with her help but i have never done anything like that What was the agfz rating on it?

I discovered this to my cost after about 15 time consuming HDR scans. Yes, my password is: Feb 21, 5. There is absolutely nothing special about Agfa Scala, they are completely worthless.