This is:Sublima intelligent screening technology – the newest innovation from the engineers of Agfa. Every page of this brochure displays the. It is Agfa’s “XM” – Cross Modulation screening technology for sheetfed offset, web On each Apogee Prepress system, Sublima lpi is standard available for. Based on Agfa Gra phics’ award-winning ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TU out- delivers razor-sharp quality, even up to lpi Sublima screening.

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UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes. Apogee Manage provides a cost-efficient solution for your prepress workflow, on a single platform. Online shoppers are spoiled: More Media Options Apogee Sublima widens the variety of papers that you can use at high line rulings.

The bottom line To determine the imaging performance of most of the CtP devices on the market, you will need to engage a sales representative to provide you with a clear statement and specification in writing. Process tints, fine lines, even delicate typefaces print like solids using four-color process. Apogee Sublima allows you to create tints, solids, and type that simulate spot colors using only CMYK.

All products are highly effective: Cloud Arkitex Cloud Arkitex Cloud is a dedicated service for newspapers. Overview In the graphic arts business, flexibility is a must.

Apogee Sublima

Inkjet Large format printing Wide Format Printers. Offer businesses an easy to use sublia powerful tool to personalize documents. Inkjet Large format printing Wide Format Printers For applications such as posters, billboards, POP displays, exhibition panels, stage graphics, construction announcements, ad panels etc.


Review Review drupa However, you can also run some tests yourself to validate the vendor’s CtP imaging and plate combinations.

APOGEEnetwork | Sublima Screening

Agfa which gave more info for their: All thanks to patented Agfa technology. However, if the plate has low resolution, or the CtP device has problematic resolution, or if the plate processing has issues, or the press condition is not optimal then there may be a loss of highlight dots. Agfa’s webportal for file-upload and approval. Web-to-print solutions Apogee StoreFront his cloud-based web-to-print solution enables printers and print service providers to efficiently brochuure their products and services.

Image optimization software OptiColor Arkitex Enhance OptiColor offers you great gains in color quality, while it is completely automatic.

Sublima screening

Apogee Sublima prints look photo-realistic and will win over every printer and print buyer. Agfaa forme production for offset printing. Sublimalpi. You can use Asanti StoreFront to build several web-to-print stores.

Web-to-print solutions Apogee StoreFront. Overview Online shoppers are spoiled: Apogee Sublima, the perfect cocktail of two proven screening technologies.

It enables you to use screen rulings of up to lpi, without additional effort on press. Apogee Sublima allows you to enlarge or reduce images with no effect on quality or the ability to sustain details.


I did not list all the devices from a particular vendor if they shared common specifications e. What does Arkitex Cloud offer you? Fully designed publications, such as brochures, catalogs, books or posters, can also be added to stores, either as products that are printed on demand or that are delivered from stock.

One pixel through four pixel checkerboard This target is extremely sensitive to the resolution capability of an imaging device. Roller washing and maintenance products. Workflow systems Apogee Manage Apogee Control.

A sublimaa more resolution detective work Once again Kodak followed closely by Agfa is the top vendor as far as clarity and consistency of stating their plate resolution capability is concerned. FM capability 20 micron stochastic. Dependent on screening algorithms. Do you want a stunning front page every day? This is because the halftone dots themselves are made up of individual Dampening solutions and additives.


Continuous variable resolutions of to dpi. Its main focus is the B2B-market, but it is just as easy to set up an online store targeted at the general public.