We attempt below to have a glimpse of the various items as gleaned from ‘Ahara Niyamam’ and Srimad Ramayanam in particular. It should be understood that. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” (dietary regimen) the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. In the original post ( niyamam_html) relating to AhAra niyamam we observed the.

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In most households aharx those days, womenfolk always deliberately erred on the safe side in cooking rice for supper. Newer Post Older Post Home. For the benefit of people who live in this world characterized by lack of wisdom, Lord kaNNan showed many principles in saasthraas.

Sarathy Thothathri 28 May at Y some keerai types are consumable – not all. Keerai types other ahaea Agathi keerai and molai keerai?

Anonymous 13 May at So it depends on one’s ability to pursue ahara niyamanam. Vellai Kathari White egg plant white brinjals 5. We can consume anything only after thiruvArAdhanam for our home perumAL. Deep down it made me vaguely recall too the familiar Vedic incantation, “aham-annam-aham-annam Aarai Masculia Quadrifoli a 9.

Ahara niyamam simple meaning

The one thing that surprised me is that sesame or anything cooked in sesame is not to be taken at night. For many of them a cup of coffee is more satisfying, more energising than full breakfast of any kind continental, tandoori, Niyaman, Buddhist Food contaminated by excreta Food contaminated by cloth, thread, sneeze etc. Sarathy Thothathri 4 February at Sarathy Thothathri 16 February at Items prohibited on hygienic and prophylactic grounds like our not using tooth brushes used by others Spittle and food contaminated with spittle Food contaminated by flies, worms, aara, fingernails etc.


Yes – with plain rice, we should add ghee before offering. In the villages even today farmers are known to consume this brew in the morning and proceed to their fields for harvest where they labour for hours under the scorching sun. The vEdhaantha dEsikar, the one with the grace of YathiirAjar stood like a lion niyyamam triumphed over many debating adversaries; researched the vEdhaas and saasthraas, with the view to ahxra us in choosing foods that ennoble us and avoid foods that debase us and has given us this prabhandam called aagaara niyamam.

Ajara Thothathri 5 February at These are the consumable list adiyen heard from my acharyan. Perhaps certain foods are meant for certain deities, yet that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t consume them, this list is meant for what is suitable to be offered as prasadam to Vishnu specifically and then to be consumed by his devotee?

Mullangi Radish Niyqmam Sativus Vegetarian balanced diet of sAthvika food items which is first offered to bhagavAn is the main essence.

Full text of “SS Ahara Niyamam”

Thanks to SrI u vE bharathan swamy for additional inputs. He appears to us as “vana-rupan” there. Believe me I have consumed lots of “pazhai-yathu” in my life The other vegetables to be avoided are: Pasala Portulaca Obracora Anbil can throw light on it.

The other problem is polished rice, I think this is also very problematic and what the correct rice be should be explained in detail as well. Exact equivalents not traceable Yeast. Ramanuja Dasan 4 February at Siru Keerai Amaranth us Gangeticu s I was surprised Custard Apple isn’t allowed because that is known as Sitaphal given niyamamm association with Sita unless that is a misunderstanding and that fruit is known to be a body ahaa.


Suraikkai A variety of gourd One has to wash it with water and then offer it to EmperumAn and then consume. I suspect it has no credentials whatsoever Velayutha Perumal 22 August at For example, it is said that milk from kapilai cow is acceptable for brahmins, but forbidden for shudraas.

Foods smelt by animals or people Foods touched by people with disease Foods that are not offered with kindness Foods contacted by fly, worm, thread, hair, and nail Foods offered by sanyaasi or touched by niyamm vessel Foods touched by the mouth of people, rats, chicken, crow, and cat.

Vilvakkai Crataeva Religiosa The problem I see with prasadam is that despite all these restrictions, shara sugar is the number one sweetener or sulfured jaggery not made properly is the number one sweetener for njyamam. A particular food item may be acceptable or forbidden based on the caste, stage in life, geography, time of eclipse, individual dharmam, etc.

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan

Sarathy Thothathri 9 November at Instead of dumping it down the trash-can as is done these days the womenfolk used it for preparing “pazhai-yathu”! Irali Ficus Virens 4. Thank you very much for the prompt clarification swami.