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Technnical and econo omic selection of fans and acondkcionado mpressors. Operations and accessories of a lathe Operating a CNC lathe. Retrieved Decem mber 31,ffrom Engineerin ng Plus via Gale: Formal aspectts of conferencces. Strructure of me etals.

Application of of semico onductor diodees. Contro ol of risks to heaalth and safetyy. Make mechanical adaptations and interpretation of mechanical drawings.

Module Handbook Programs

Ferrous materials Ferrous Materials. Failure detection in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Technical description of the workshop. Components of refrigeration system: Selection of a sample. Reasoned arguument in orall and written aife, using sscientific langu uage correctly, on ssituations or problems p relate ed to the expperimental sciences applied to yourr professional fu uture. Continuous Im airee — Kaizen. National and International Reality: Second Law of Thermodynamics.


Com Drawing mechhanical compon nents using a de esign methodollogy Install and maaintain some meechanical equip pment and impoortant devices ssuch as circuit breaakers and otherss. A weekend away y. Formal aspects of conferences. Democracy and political parties. Basics and standardization of electrical installations. Perform functioning tests to processes transport systems and thermal processes.

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D Pe earson Educatioon. Apply A the basiic principles go overning the ph henomena of cclassical physiccs to specific situatio s ons and associa ated with real siituations.

Gerald Cuzcano Elmer Sierra Lima: Presentation of topics assigned using appropriate techniques. Check valve and hydraulically deblocked check valve.

Analyzing the responses of sensors and actuators of a mechatronics. Launching and production control. Select components for pumping systems, heat exchangers, using software.

Field inspection of machinery. Communicating orally through the speech. Symbols and electrical schematics. Equaations and systeems of equation ns. Students develop creative solutions using technology in mechatronic systems.

Application of the derivative carnice a functio on. Assembling and starting up of a pump. Applications of circular movement. En nuuestro hogar la nave sideral tierra.


Instrumentation annd control symb bols Digittal instrumentss and systems. Zeroth h law, first an nd second laws ws. Blackb board, slides, bbeamer presen ntations, demo onstration of la lab examples and experim ments, lab deveelopment tools and equipment.

Analyze failures and diagnose problems in industrial machinery using vibration analysis, infrared thermography and ultrasound. Communication in the workplace. Use methods to tailor your personal and professional profile to job opportunities that are presented Competences: The handbook of maintenance management. Percentagee of most comm mon meta al in minerals. Apply the basic principles governing the phenomena of classical physics to specific situations and associated with real situations.

Drilling, countersinking and reaming Identification of screws. Representation of welded joints.

Fundamental parameters of Electricity. Failures in rotating equipment. Perform functioning tests to Heat Exchangers.