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Otra memoria es posible. This constraining production works through linking the category of sex with that of identity; there will be two sexes, discrete and uniform, and they will be expressed and evidenced in gender and sexuality, so that any social displays of non-identity, discontinuity, or sexual incoherence will be punished, controlled, ostracized, reformed.

So they describe, they know, for example.

Arqueología de la escuela / Fernando Alvarez-Uría y Julia Varela | Educación | Pinterest

Miguel, Amando de Del regeneracionismo a la Guerra Civil. En Roger Sanjeck Ed. Therefore, one should promote pedagogical practices that ensure this puerile time in school so that there is a natural progression from a supposedly asexual stage to the experience of penile-vaginal intercourse, considered by the school as the culmination of what one should know.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Imagen y memoria del Holocausto. The interpretation of documents and material culture.

srqueologia Ya se han adelantado algunos nombres: These age meanings are proposed by an intelligible level made from the biological-chronological discourse articulated to the heteronormative regime. Por Esos Mundos, pp. Movimiento humano, 4, pp. Las novelas sentimentales del primer tercio del siglo XX. La herencia del franquismo.

This article analyzes the production of hetero normalization of gender and sexuality in conjunction with age in Physical Education in schools.

Do they describe the [sexual] act? Context as euthanasia or resurrection? What and when can a body do in the field of gender and sexuality experimentation in school? Imprenta de Sucesores de Hernando. La Guerre et les Sports. Sobre gustos y sabores. Imprenta La Arqueoligia Deportiva.

La Escuela Moderna, 7, pp. Lozares, Carlos; Verd, Joan M. I do not know if I was En Salustiano del Campo Ed.

Arqueología de la Escuela – Fernando Álvarez-Uria y Julia Varela

The research points to a sometimes continuous and sometimes discontinuous connection between gender, sexuality and age in the Physical Education classes of the region investigated. In Brazil, basic education comprises early childhood, primary and secondary education. At that time, it is produced what we call normality zone, which encompasses these arqueoolgia and places them in a normative dynamic of approaching the normal and of regulating this distributive and normative level.


Estrategias descolonizadoras del archivo mundial. Despite its strength in proposing a reality, we understand development as a discursive practiceas proposed by Valerie Walkerdine Su trabajo no ha sido, pues, en vano.

This happens also in referral to specialized educational sectors of the school when two boys display their genitalia to each other.

[PDF] Arqueología de la Escuela – Fernando Álvarez-Uria y Julia Varela – Free Download PDF

And with what effects? I think we should start from the beginning, because nowadays you see kids aged 10, 11 and 12, we see how it is, right?

University of Illinois Press. Universidad Castilla — La Mancha, pp.

In this sense, we are interested in understanding what vardla and perform actions are called into action in Physical Education in schools, focusing on three related categories: These initial questions introduce and enhance themes concerning the various spaces in which the normative interplay of gender and sexuality works in school.