Jun 23, Ramachandran BS, Thomas B, Baby S, Thomas R. Multicentric ameboma of the colon mimicking Crohn’s disease. J Dig Endosc ; Case report: Cecal ameboma as a complication of intestinal amebiasis ameboma del ciego, y que se interviene quirúrgicamente con el diagnóstico inicial de. Ameboma is an abnormal response, probably to prolonged infection and manifesting as a marked granuloma, mimicking colon carcinoma, except in its rapid.

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Due to the above problem, he was taken to our emergency room. The contamination way was through contaminated dishes, which are washed with groundwater in the high-prevalence region of Indonesia. Intestial best current estimate is that E.

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak ; Histological examination of the right hemicolectomy specimen revealed cecal and ascending colon amebomas. Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy.

Ameboma of the colon with amebic liver abscess mimicking metastatic colon cancer. Ameboma mimicking submucosal tumor of the colon in an elderly.

The sites of ameboma were also compatible with intetsinal most common sites of amebic colitis, including the cecum, ascending colon and terminal ileum. A final diagnosis of ameboma was made.


We present here a case of ameboma of the right colon simulating as colonic carcinoma. Histopathology of intestinal biopsy specimen is essential to differentiate between ameboma and malignancy.

The appendix showed obliterative appendicitis with serositis. Case Report The amrboma male patient denied any prior systemic disease. Follow-up colonoscopy 8 months post treatment showed complete remission.

Gastroenterol Clin North Am. Focal aggregations of amoeba trophozoites were demonstrated by periodic acid-Schiff stain fig. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robbins and cotran pathologic basis of disease. Normocytic anemia was also noted and suspected to be related to the bloody stool. Diagnosis is usually made on laparotomy if associated with amebic liver abscess which is the most common extraintestinal manifestation of amebiasis.

Grossly, serosa was covered with exudates and showed a healed perforation.

Ameboma – Wikipedia

Colonic involvement nitestinal patients with amoebic liver abscess: Ileocecal masses in patients with amebic liver abscess: Non neoplastic lesions of the colon. Dis Colon Rectum ; Focal aggregations of amoeba trophozoites were demonstrated by periodic acid-Schiff stain. The patient underwent emergent laparotomy.

A comparison of a short course of single daily dosage therapy of tinidazole with metronidazole in intestinal amoebiasis. How to cite this URL: An uncommon case of malignant masquerade at a western medical center. Amebic perforation of the colon.

J Assoc Physicians India. Radiological examination depicted concentric thickening of the cecal wall with mass formation and a cystic lesion in the liver. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Histopathological examination revealed multicentric lesion with focal necrosis and trophozoites of E.


Amebic liver abscess in a patient from Pakistan. Laboratory amebona revealed leukocytosis with neutrophilia. At places, there were transmural ulcerations. Ameboma, Colon carcinoma-like lesion, Colonoscopy.

Ameboma: A Colon Carcinoma-Like Lesion in a Colonoscopy Finding

Ameboma of the colon with amebic liver abscess mimicking metastatic colon cancer. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Amebomas are found in decreasing order of frequency in the cecum, the appendix, and rectosigmoid colon. Contrast-enhanced computerized tomography scanning of the abdomen showed irregular mural thickening of the cecum and ascending colon till hepatic flexure [ Figure 1 ].

Ameboma may be difficult to differentiate from colon carcinoma clinically, especially in elderly. He also denied any history of hemorrhoids and had not suffered from the same episode before. Adenocarcinomaamebomacolon. Amoeboma mimicking carcinoma of the caecum: