FEB Anagha Vratam. Public. · Hosted by Dyc Canada. Interested. clock. Sunday, February 19, at AM – AM EST. More than a year ago. pin. Jaya Guru Datta! Please join with your family and friends for Anagha Vratam at 7: 00 PM on Monday, 20th March. It is very important vratam of Sri Anagha Swamy. Check out Anagha Vratam by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi & Group / Rajkumar Bharati on Amazon Music. Stream.

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Kalash puja is started by applying sandal powder, haldi kumkum, flowers dhoop, deep,rice to kalash. The most important day for this worship is the Margasira Krsna paksa Astami — the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Margasirsa falling in December. Please also visit www. Dor Dharnam Thread Sutram Males must tie read colored thread on their right hand while females tie on their left hand.

The Ashta Siddhis the eight super natural powers are born as sons to this unique couple. Dattatreya Himself taught him the method of performing Anaghashtami pooja.

Sri Datta incarnated as the spiritual Master to bestow salvation not only to scholars, but also to laymen.

Every year during Margashira masa during krishna pakshami ashtami or krishnAshtami vtatam the former ,one must do the vrathA. That energy which removes the feeling of doership is Anagha. In case znagha cannot perform on the eighth day of the dark fortnight it may be done in the other fortnight, or on any day of the month.

You may have a stock of two or more twines for further use. Abhishek starting Rudra, Shree sukta, Purush sukta mantra, Puthanam 8th apanam, cloth, thread, sandal wood, Haldi kumkum, arpanam, Bangles, Kajal, Flowers, Bel, Durva, Tulsi leaves, arpanam to deities. The Divine couple were leading a life of penance and shower their blessings and spiritual boons. Sadguru Lord Dattatreya’s Tattvam is beyond our comprehension. According to another etymology, Agha means that which causes sufferings to remain for ever.


A prayer is offered to lord and ganesh puja is completed. He was one of the favourite disciples of Lord Dattatreya. Although He is highly recognized as Avadhuta, many scholars are unaware of His householders role.

Sreepada Sreevallabha Maha Samasthan

In Dwapara Yuga, Sri Krishna caused wide participation of people in this puja by initiating this to Dharmaraja. You may offer fruits, pancha karjaya or even the normal food as offering to Anaghaswami vegetarian only! One must finish the vratha by Those sages who could comprehend this could see her as the manifestation of energy and could attain positive benefits. Therefore Lord Dattatreya himself preached the method of worshipping Anagha.

Other utensils like, dish, bowl He has further ordained that this pooja be performed every month on the eighth day of the dark fortnight. This will be the udhyapanam ending of the vratha. Mantra “Brahma Vishnumaheshvara Sampan Trigunatmak Trivanik Namastute Dordeva anaghatamak” Pour one spoon of water into dish and offer puja to deities. In fact it is very auspicious to perform this Vrata on Ashtami day of each month.

Aarti pathanam, stotra pathanam as per book. Before performing this pooja the premises where pooja is being hled has to be cleaned properly.

Anagha Vratam

How then can he have a consort? While offering puja sankalpa should be made. There is no age restriction for ladies who are doing this AnaghA vratham. Vandanam to devotee, local goddess, vastu etc.

In aangha she is incarnation of Lakshmi Devi. Na jahaati duhkham it agham. Thereafter, every ashtami one must do the vrathA,this brings untold benefits.


Dattatreya is popularly known as a Yati Ascetic and an Avadhoota xnagha who has shaken off himself from worldly feeling and obligation. Sandal Powder [Gandha] 3. Addhya Pathana- as per book. Amagha should place a “Chaurang” four legged wodden desk facing east-west direction and decorating it but placing clean cloth on it.

If ashtami is not possible then friday or thursday one can vrataam this vratha. O haak tyaage Sorrow is caused by poverty, disease, fear of enemies, greedignorance etc. Puja can be performed by themselves or pujari. By worshipping only Dattatreya, absolute knowledge of the self will set in.

One should perform this Vrata at least once a year. Before starting puja we must also worship all the things which are used in puja like utensils, dhoop,deep, betel leaves, betel nut, flowers, fruits etc.

You are Bramha, Visnu and Siva — the three in one. Devotees who are offering this pooja or vrata has to observe full day fast on day of pooja.

Anagha Vratha

Krishnaya Padmanetraya, Namosthu datta-Paramatmane. If this Vrata is performed by young girls wishing to get married or couples who are experiencing domestic problems with kunkum archana, they will experience the real fruits of the Vrata. The Anagha vratha can be performed on Margasira bahula ashtami or on any bahula ashtami of any month.

This question will not arise in the minds of those who have read the Datta Purana.