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It was not possible to access the canals and hence the AF in only one specimen. The root canal system is a part of the tooth that cannot be directly visualized by the dentist. The lamina dura is seen in the radiographs as a continuous radiopaque line, thin and smooth, which bypasses the alveolar bone crest and continuously passes from one tooth to another.

Willian Wood and Co; Considering the whole sample, the interference in one site was These findings confirm that maxillary 1st premolars with 2 root canals are similar to the maxillary 1st molars. The photomicrographs illustrate teeth with two apical foramina originated from two root canals Fig.

The results obtained in the present research confirm this finding showing a high percentage The data obtained regarding the frequency of the oblique line overlaps on the alveolar crests were expressed in percentages and organized into graphs and tables.

According to Freitas et al. Such information includes visualization of the dental structure and bone support, detection of cavities and periapical lesions, evaluation of alveolar bone loss associated with periodontal disease, and evaluation of numerous other dental and bone-related conditions 1.

Root canal morphology of mandibular incisors. Endod Dent Traumatol ;2: Therefore, accurate knowledge of root anatomy is an important ally to radiographic resources, tactile sense and operator’s clinical experience, thus contributing to the success of endodontic treatment.


Primeiro molar superior

Anatomia, Patologia y Terapia. Kartal N, Yanikoglu FC. Root canal morphology of maxillary premolars.

Radiographs are helpful for the visualization of root anatomy, but are limited because they provide two-dimensional images of a three-dimensional object 6, This line runs downward and forward toward the mandibular body and ends below the mental foramen 6. Seltzer S, Bender JB.

Figun garino anatomia odontologica funcional aplicada arborvitae – derlows

Anatomoa has higher diagnostic accuracy than radiographs and allows for complete scanning of the apical portion of the root. Microbiologic analysis of teeth with failed endodontic treatment and the outcome of conservative re-treatment. The maxillary 1st premolar usually has two roots that may be either separated or partially or totally fused.

The specimens were mounted on labeled stubs using graphite powder and clear nail polish, with their apical surfaces facing upward. The authors state that there are no financial and personal conflicts of interest that could have inappropriately influenced apkicada work. Roentgenographic and direct observation of experimental lesions in bone.

Figun garino anatomia odontologica funcional aplicada arborvitae

Because of the aforementioned limitations of radiographic examination, SEM was also used to assess the number of Aplicadaa. Up to the laboratory phase, the teeth were kept in saline inside labeled plastic containers with individual caps, which had been previously distributed to the dental offices and health stations enrolled in the study.

Anatomia, embiologia e histologia bucal. This study investigated the buccal root of maxillary 1st premolars with longitudinal sulcus because it has been reported 16 that the internal anatomic variations of these teeth are closely associated to the presence of a sulcus in their roots.

Primeiro molar superior – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Less frequently, this tooth may have a third root and, znatomia, a third canal. In the mandibular ramus, each side includes the head and neck of the mandible, mandibular notch, mandibular foramen, mandibular canal, lingual, and anti- lingula These radiographs need to be correctly performed and processed according to proper techniques. The methods identified the same number of AF in only Of the 39 teeth examined, odoontologica could be classified according to the number of root canals and apical foramina based on the radiographic findings Table 3.


Teeth with partially or totally calcified aplidada canals were excluded from radiographic examination. However, in 55 radiographs Configurations and deviations of root canals of maxillary first premolars.

Although these teeth have 2 buccal roots, they frequently have 3 canals – one in the distobuccal root and two in the mesiobuccal root the mesiobuccal and the mesiolingual canals.

To identify and quantify the frequency of the projection of the oblique line over the alveolar crests of the mandibular molars in periapical radiographs. It is continuous with the anterior border of the ramus, reaching the distal side of the first molar, and serves as the attachment for some facial muscles 5,9. Radiographically, the oblique line is seen as a highly radiopaque line found in the area of the mandibular molars traversing the last two molars at the level of the middle third of the root 5,7.

There was also interference between the second and the third molars in radiographs