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Concerning the circumstances which they regard as decisive in implementing successful projects, NGO — leaders from Bihor pointed out two main factors: All these donor organizations tend to regard the Roma issue as a priority, which means that projects which propose in one way or another to improve the situation of Roma population have comparatively better chances to win funding.

It is very important to mention that, in this project, the activities for children were mixed with the activities for the parents.

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Human resources The implementation team consisted of ten full time experts and several external workers employed on a part time basis. There are around 30, Roma in Bihor County. The analysis of statistical data of census data, statistics from national authorities, data from institutions in the field of social policies, research statistics, evidence and statistics from 36 the institutions of the ministry of education and ministries of labor and social affaires will provide information on the main social, economic and education development level and characteristics of the two counties, as well as on the specific features of adult education and professional training.

In the same time, a number of Roma parents in and in were counseled and informed on educational topics. But they are expected to write and implement projects, to take part in open competitions, to integrate and modernize themselves, things that are unrealistic. The ethnic problem cannot be ignored; it emerges from the crisis Romania is passing through in this period of transition, a crisis that affected and affects especially the Roma population.


Caiet de sociologie, 1, In overcoming these obstacles, nongovernmental organizations — particularly those active in the field of human rights and minority rights – have an important role to play and a huge potential.

We know well one Roma person, who knows well Roma organizations, and we believe him. The Roma have a culture of supported, they rely on the social aids and most of them, including their leaders, have a low educational level.

The main factors of their success are their human resources, financial strength, huge experience in grant writing and project implementation. Beginning from the program is run by the Hungarian Development Agency. The focus group organized in Debrecen gathered 12 persons, 6 males and 6 females.

In order to compare the situations of the two counties of Romania and Hungary, we formed two focus groups with experts in the problems of the Roma, one group in Oradea and the other in Debrecen.

However, their perspectives to improve can be regarded as good, due to the strong government and local community support they enjoy. Este vorba de o imagine are ca scop principal atragerea simpatiei persoanelor vizate.

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I got a list of solutions as follows: In the economic sector, Roma suffer the highest rates of unemployment — they are generally the first to be fired and the last to be hired.


An important conclusion of the study is that Roma elite with high education should be the solution for the change of the dramatic situation of the Roma communities. I asked the collocutors to do a kind of brainstorming exercise to get solutions. All these activities of community development are very important. The first activity of the project was the Educational Center for Roma, which develops programs and projects for improving the educational situation of the Roma population in Bihor County.

Most of them have to face the above mentioned problems. Field Research Methodology Our field research is sozciolgiba qualitative one. Bibliografie Allport, Gordon W. This project improved the conditions for the Roma pupils. Budapest, old. In addition, the implementing organization maintained a permanent close contact with the financing organization, based on a clear mutual knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.

Bevezetés a demográfiába

The last theme of the focus group was to identify solutions to make the NGOs which develop social projects for the Roma communities efficient. They do not have a historical land rrudolf they live in almost all the countries of Europe and Central Asia. Ei au multe favoruri. The conclusion of the third of the collocutors at the focus group is the culture of supported: Belonging to the traditional public educational system: It is true that there is plenty of bureaucracy in the sponsorship process and sometimes this is a real obstacle: