Beginning in ancient Spain, where Hannibal’s father had carved out a Carthaginian empire, this novel traces the origins of the War of Carthage, the opening. Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Zeta ( Bolsillo) – – Book Condition: New – Never used!. Anibal: El Orgullo de Cartago by David Anthony Durham at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones B –

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Mario, Thanks for writing. One camp says that Hannibal was black, an African, and should therefore be considered an African hero. But still, you can tell. Or will I soon find that she’s worked her way into historical books?

Editions of Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham

There are plenty of instances of Carthaginian cruelty as well, and often Hannibal’s success springs from his doing things that the Romans simply would not have considered accepted battle tactics. And Denzel, although I believe he has the gravitas, is too old to play the twenty and thirty-something general Hannibal was through the war.

Unless I’m reading the thing wrong, Pride of Carthage has been published or will be published in Romanian! Insights Insights, Account, Orders. That’s the best sort of literary entertainment – when it’s smart, but also light and lively. In the world, 4 thousand books are published daily. So Hannibal, being south of Rome and from African soil, was at the very least a brown-skinned man, much more familiar and respected in the ancient world.

I guess there have been enough good ones over the years that I finally reached a point of some equilibrium with the whole thing. During the course of my readings, however, I found none of these negative claims to have much validity. After all, when Scipio conquered Carthage his honorific title was Africanus, conquerer of Africa. HannibalPride of Carthage. Could be Velvet Revolver. Madison, Wisconsin, was also a good stop, although I had a small audience at the Borders there.


He should like it, I think. I just got another box with another foreign edition of Pride of Carthage in it. Have things gone well?

My wife, on the other hand If your objective is to re-write history to further your own political agenda, I will personally thank you to avoid historical subject in the future. They might’ve had a colony based in North Africa, but that doesn’t mean they mixed with the locals. Highly recommended for most historical fiction collections.

Dw books that show these images mention this fact. I guess the length of an Italian translation is such that the two volume thing seems necessary. On one hand, I’m Thank you for that. Positives above the negatives? Again and again I found that the contemporary writers of detailed works on Hannibal came to respect him.

I can live with that, I guess.

Still hoping that’s just the start. I’m content with embracing the uncertainty cratago in that, and I think it’s more than a bit unfortunate that more people in our society can’t do the same. Italian Cover of Annibale.

Well, that’s hard not to do. It’s funny being an international bestseller. No where in my book does Hannibal hate anybody for their race. I’m quite sure that if Hannibal dropped down on to the streets of any American city, put on modern clothes and walked the sidewalk Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Incmaking your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible.


AnĂ­bal, el orgullo de Cartago

I still get the impression however that you are looking at the subject a bit too much from a modern point of view. Within that, there are plenty of instances of Roman treachery as in instances when they violated their own conceptions of honor. Only problem is that it may not be Hannibal at all. Library Journal was good to Pride of Carthage.

In my book I use Elissa as the founding queen, but as a bit of play with the fact that so much Carthaginian history cartagp to us via Roman sources I combined their version with a Carthaginian name and come up with Didobal. I guess you believe the Pharaohs were from the southern African tribes as well and that they used to fly above the Pyramids.

I’ve argued that instead of black and white the catrago is some shade of brown or tan or copper. It seems clear to me that you have not read my book. That makes me chuckle. Perhaps, also, some of the terminology I use troubles you. She was very nicebut as soon as she found out I was an author she began to bemoan how black people in the city don’t use the library enough.

Honestly, I don’t think either cartaggo perfect.