Food habits of Anilius scytale (Serpentes: Aniliidae) in the Brazilian Amazonia. Gleomar F. Maschio; Ana Lúcia da C. Prudente; Francílio da S. Rodrigues. PDF | Information on the diet of Anilius scytale is provided based on the analysis of specimens from the Brazilian Amazonia. Deep in the Amazon rain forest there lives a fairly small, fairly obscure, red and black snake called Anilius scytale. It is banded, like many red.

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The snakes of Trinidad and Tobago. Resultados zoologicos de la expedicion de la Universidad Central de Venezuela a la region del Auyante’pui en la Guyana Venezolana, Abril de Retrieved from ” https: It is alone in its family, Aniliidae.

South American Journal of Herpetology 2: Snake species of the world. Venezuela Bolivar ; Type aniliuw Cosenza, Ana Paula V. Aniliidae StejnegerGenus: Ueber die Familien der Eryciden und Tortriciden. It has a cylindrical body of uniform diameter and a very short tail; it is brightly banded in red and black but without yellow bands ; reduced eyes lie beneath large head scales. Merian’s text has not been translated into English, but I have taken a stab at translating her paragraph about snakes here:.


Elevation m in Venezuela Type locality: A phylogeny and revised scyttale of Squamata, including species of lizards and snakes.

Die Schlangen von Venezuela. Most of her drawings, which she sketched from life on vellum and later engraved herself on copper plates, depict the life cycles of insects and their plant hosts, which she raised in captivity.

Anilius – Wikipedia

Anfibios y Reptiles [del Ecuador]. It spends most of its time under ground or in the water. Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru. It is considered to be the snake that most ajilius the original and ancestral snake condition, such as a lizard-like skull. Out of it came 2 beautiful publications which can be found at this website. Reptarium The Reptile Database.

Currently, two subspecies are recognized, including the typical form described here. Women of Art and Science”. Amphibians and reptiles from the Araripe bioregion, northeastern Brazil.

Anilius scytale | reptile |

Aniliidae in the Brazilian Amazonia. This snake possesses a vestigial pelvic girdle that is visible as a pair of scytald spurs. Catalogue of the snakes in the British Museum Nat.

Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Snake biologists have used the term “pipesnake” to refer to any of three different lineages of snakes: Rare colour aberration or a new species?


Herpetological Review 45 1: Herpetological Review 33 1: Anilius scytale Red Pipe Snake Diet. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. The Aniliidae are a monotypic family [2] created for the monotypic genus Anilius scytxle that contains the single species A.

Anilius Oken Herpetological Review 47 1: Publications, Neptune City, NJ, pp. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

She was one of the first trained artists to conduct detailed, long-term studies of living organisms, and the first published female naturalist. Food habits of Anilius scytale Serpentes: MacCulloch, and Amy Lathrop Catalogo Raggionato e Descrittivo The biology of an equatorial herpetofauna in Amazonian Ecuador.

Anilius scytale

Saturday, February 28, Anilius: Liste preliminaire des Serpents de la Guyane francaise. Snake Species of the World: It is banded, like many red and black snakes, but it has no venom, so it may be a coralsnake mimic.

Deep in the Amazon rain forest there lives a fairly small, fairly obscure, red and black snake called Scyta,e scytale.