protagonists) and the themes of struggle and change, on the other hand. The has implications for studies on Anthills of the Savannah, stylistic analysis. Title: Style, character, and the theme of struggle and change: Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah. Authors: Mwinlaaru, INI. Issue Date: Publisher. Style, Character, and the Theme of Struggle and Change: Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah. Article (PDF Available) in Research in African Literatures.

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Chris is the Commissioner for Information in Kangan. Although we often see Beatrice helping Chris to fine-tune his political antenna, as far as Ikem is concerned, Elewa is only reserved for sexual gratification. Themes of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe Themes Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

Summary and Analysis of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | Molare Oumar –

Research in African Literatures. Achebe was active in Nigerian politics from the s till his death, and many of his novels address the post-colonial social and political problems that Nigeria still faces.

This is no time to keep malice. The President kf wants Chris to do the firing, but he refuses. In the fracas that ensues, the cop shoots Chris dead.

I find it tragic and true. Oppression Anthills of the Savannah also talks about oppression.

Anthills of the Savannah Themes

Like the two men—Chris and Ikem, many political activists have lost their lives in the hands of military despots in Africa. Chapter Ten While preparing to visit Mad Medico with Elewa, Ikem is greeted by two men who turn out to be taxi drivers.

To reconcile, they have sex and lunch together. It was this mentally that drove him to the military profession when he learnt that the profession was meant for gentlemen. In his speech at the meeting with Ikem, he holds everyone spellbound by his speech which is occasional punctuated by proverbs and humour.


Achebe’s generation of African writers has seen both the imperial rule, the transition to independence and the way things have turned out since then. Again, he moves on to give a fair share of his candid opinion on the excesses and corrupt practices of government employees and even university students such as hectic billing procedures, theft, arson, tribalism, rioting, religious extremism and electoral merchandising.

However, one may also argue that the Police Superintendent does so because of the position of Ikem in the society. Chinua Achebe has a journalist’s background. Chapter Two Professor Okong visits Major Sam in his office and informs him about the delegation from Abazon who have come to pay him a solidarity visit and to declare their loyalty to him and his military government. In fact, he is assassinated after this outing. Inhe was paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash.

He doesn’t want them to see him as a failure.

Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe

He is a professional lawyer who knows his profession and his worth. Anthils Time and Place Written: Unfortunately, one major event that serves as a catalyst for Ikem’s death is the sensational headline about Ikem’s call for regicide published by the National Gazette of which Ikem was the former editor. Achebe had his early education at his father’s village, Ogidi and Nekede, Owerri where he won Owerri Province Scholarship to study at Government College Umuahia, one of the premier secondary schools in colonial Nigeria from to The larger problem here is the position of the black, African elite in the new African countries, where the elite has traditionally been of European origin.

He however warns him that no information about the petition should be published and there should not be any television coverage. As a wife of a taxi-driver, zavannah belongs to the lower class society and she speaks Pidgin, a version of English typical of people from her class. As far as history is concerned the quest for good governance has been the bane of many nations in the world, especially those in Africa. As they leave, they pledge Ikem their unflagging support.


For all other permissions, contact the Press at http: After his short lecture, which Ikem actually calls a meditation, the audience cry out for more. Beatrice has also received a British education whereas Elewa is a Kangan girl who has apparently never been abroad, the daughter of a market saleswoman.

It is a form of punishment for the wrong doers. After a few sexual bouts, Beatrice tells Chris how Major Sam made an attempt to rape her. In the drunken orgy, a police cop attempts to rape a girl but Chris will not allow him. In fact, his tirade sounds like a cabinet gossip.

For instance, a breed of wild cat called Savannah Cat and Savannah Monitor medium sized specie of monitor lizard have been researched to be native to Africa. The first instance of this alienation in the novel is the way Sam deals with the problem of the Abazonian delegation. He is an intellectual in government who still retains his sense of honour and morality even tehmes a corrupt and wanton regime like the type we see in Savvannah. His friends help him to form a kitchen cabinet in Asvannah with the headquarters in Bassa.

However, Silvanus’s relationship with Beatrice shows that he is a nice person to be with. As we see in the novel and as it is in the most military regimes, Major Sam is not accountable to anybody.

He is no doubt a statesman and an epitome of wisdom and wit. For conducting a state burial for Chris, I can say that General Lango’s ideology, mentality and orientation are quite different from that of his former boss, Major Sam. He did not adapt, and he did not survive. It is not simply something you use because savanmah have it anyway; it is something which you can actively claim to use as an effective weapon, as a counterargument to colonization.

Sad enough, Chris is the first victim of the chaos. He decides to crusade against public executions immediately after attending one as a representative of the state-owned newspaper.