Anthony L. Peratt is a world leading research scientist on high energy Plasma Discharges. Perhaps the leading authority and some Plasma characteristics have . Anthony Peratt of University of New Mexico, NM (UNM) with expertise in: Archaeology, Historical Anthropology and Geophysics. Read 85 publications, and. Authors: Peratt, Anthony L. Compares 20 year-old assumptions from the first edition, which were based on laboratory data, with recent satellite observations to .

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I – Double radio galaxies, quasars, and extragalactic jets” PDF. The plasma event of 10, BCE was huge and went through many different variations as the energy dissipated.

A world wide phenomenon Petroglyphs from all over the world, made during the “event” about 10, BC depict a shape that reminds archaeologists of a tree. What exactly is plasma? His results, including the Kayenta pictograph and other images I had sent to him, were featured in a series of groundbreaking articles, several co-authored with our znthony Thunderbolts colleagues, retired professor of electrical engineering Donald Scott and the accomplished researcher and linguist, Ahthony.

This urgent update concerns our September seminar and some exciting additions to our speaker list: As Peratt says on his website “The Plasma Universe and Plasma Cosmology have no ties to the anti-science blogsites of the holoscience ‘electric universe’.

The bulk of the filaments are optically invisible from a distance, much like the related Birkeland peatt that reach from the Sun and cause auroras on Earth.

Plasma Scientist Anthony Peratt Meets the Electric Universe

To hide or to deny this story is to violate every standard of integrity in the sciences. His book The Saturn Myth helped to inspire the work of several others now joined in this collaborative project. Thunderbolts of the Gods. The plasma column extended into space for thousnds of miles at the South Pole but was visible to inhabitants in the Northern hemisphere.

Plasma Scientist Anthony Peratt Meets the Electric Universe – The Thunderbolts Project ™

Visit the NEW off-site store www. Note the white arrows depicting the familiar shapes. By convention, the Birkeland currents and ion flow is perztt toward the Arctic. It is found that a great many archaic petroglyphs can be classified according to plasma stability and instability data.


The Universal Stickman One of the most universal petroglyph shapes for the period qnthony, BCE is what has been called the “stickman” or “squatting man” by archaeologists [ below ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Plasma from Greek meaning “anything formed” is one of the four fundamental states of matter the others being solid, liquid, and gas. Ionization can be induced by other means, such as strong electromagnetic field applied with wnthony laser or microwave generator, and is accompanied by the dissociation of molecular bonds, if present.

The time coincides with mass extinctions of mammals and so it is assumed that the event was not benign and that human survival was put to the test. It was this exchange that led directly to the story reported in the first segment of this series. We highly recommend reading the complete article. Conceptual view of the Birkeland sheath filaments surrounding Earth 28 close pairs.

But Peratt’s research on petroglyphs strange rock art that suddenly appeared – changing from painted colours on cave walls to mainly crazy white etchings linked to possible plasma instabilities witnessed in our skies may help convince people that it did happen and that the EU theory is perhaps right in some things. Description Description Plasma Cosmology by Anthony L Peratt Tony Peratt is a free PDF that explains plasma anthon basics and sciences poor understanding of a plasma universe, which is why the old version of Plasma Cosmology may be considered a pseudoscience or just wrong.

When the streams of energy converge, they form unique shapes that persist and can be observed as Birkeland elements, named for their discoverer. Anthony Peratt is famous for those in the Electric Universe theory for his work with plasma, Peratt Instabilities and especially his work on petroglyphs that perhaps explain the mysterious Squatterman and other ancient rock carvings seen around the world.

Anthony Peratt Part 2: Humans survived by retreating to caves, and in many instances artists in the open would have died without the shielding provided by neighboring cliffs.


Peratt’s name is listed among the scientists signing “An Open Letter to the Scientific Community” published in New Scientist in May that critiques the “growing number of hypothetical entities in the big bang theory”. We are all familiar with the sparks that flash brightly when we discharge electrical current. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Peratt is an American physicist whose most notable achievements and work have been in plasma physicsnuclear fusion and the monitoring of nuclear weapons.

Oddly, repeated experiments show a preference for 56 “rays” or distinct bands of energy. No matter how other people interpret his findings or use them to peeratt evidence for their own theories. The “stickman” is but one of perwtt phases. Plasma columns and Z-pinches in the sky! The current bundle above Antarctica twists in counter-clockwise rotation.

Languages Polski Edit links. Views Read Edit View history. Illogical geological but what else is there? A few glimpses of the implied evolutionary sequence can be seen in the forms carved on rock below, from the American southwest:. Visit the NEW off-site store www.

Though I can tell the story from a personal perspective, others might fill in important background and details. It soon became clear to me that the rungs of the ladder could be best understood as a stack of toruses. Wikipedia has some good examples of the stick man like Squatter Man.

Peratt is currently working on peartt archaeological evidence for major space plasma events in prehistory.

This is easy to test – look at images of petroglyphs rock art carved into stone. Directionality and Source [5]. One day the ancients were painting colour rock art and then, nearly literally, they were painting strange white shapes and figures. Oblique view into the auroral plasma column from these coordinates.

Of the speakers listed above, only one was left: And Perart have seen a lot. The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars.