APPLESOFT II BASIC is APPLE’s very much extended BASIC language. BASIC has BASIC Programming Manual can provide an introduction: it covers a. Apple II Programmer’s Reference: Applesoft Commands · Applesoft BASIC Frequently Chart, in PDF format · Applesoft Basic Programming Reference Manual. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Reference Manual. For Later. save.

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The shape table’s starting location, whose address we have called S, must contain the number of shape definitions between and in hexadecimal.

The second variable if there Is one takes on the value of the second element in the DATA list, and so on.

In the first example, the fourth through the last characters of the string will be returned: And a move of in section A will end your baxic definition unless there is a 1-bit somewhere in section B or C.

String array variables use 3 bytes for each element one for length, two for a location pointerstored as an integer array when the array is DIMensioned. Janual is true even when only one response is expected. PRINT followed by a list of commas spaces one tab field per comma, up to a limit of characters per instruction. However, program programing can be changed using immediate-execution commands, as long as no error messages are incurred. TAN 2 Returns the tangent of the argument, which must be in radians.

Applesoft BASIC Reference

Depending on the settings of the other switches, the upper portion of the screen may show text, low-resolution graphics on a 40 by 40 grid, or high-resolution graphics on a by grid.


No prompt is given: Text screen memory is not affected. It also clears the A0 by 40 plotting area to black, sets the text output to a window of 4 lines of 40 prograkming each at the bottom of the screen, and sets the next color to be plotted to black.

The results are converted to the arithmetic type integer or real of the final variable to which they are assigned.

Full text of “Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual – Apple Computer”

Note that while HTAB moves the cursor to an absolute screen position relative to the left margin of the text window, SPC aexpr moves the cursor a given number of spaces away from the previously printed item. Change the program by re-typing lines and as follows: Characters above the cursor, and characters to the left of the cursor in its printing line will not be affected. HD 00 return Now you can “Write” store on cassette first the table length that is stored in locations to 1and then the shape table itself that is stored in locations Starting Address through Last Address: NOTE; string space may fill with old data and run over the high-resolution screens or prograkming programs.

To check the information in your shape table, you can examine each byte separately or simply press the Manuaal key repeatedly programminy all the bytes of interest and a few extra, probably have been displayed: Next, draw a path through each point in the shape, using only 90 degree angles on the turns: If we wanted to calculate the area of various circles, wg could keep re-running the program for each successive circle.

Error types are described belovj: This is the “on” condition: String arrays must be converted to an integer array using the ASC function in order to be stored.


The second time one is needed, the second number in the first DATA statement regerence returned. programing

Each bit in the binary equivalent of the decimal second argument Indicates whether you’re Interested in the corresponding bit in the memory location: The prompt and cursor are moved to the last line of the screen.

You may want to SAVE it on cassette tape for future use.

If you have a variable T which is used to hold a temporary result in one part of the program and you need a temporary variable later in your program, use it again. Spaces before the first character and following a string are always ignored.

If instead you type a colon: They may be used in either immediate or deferred execution. At line 20, the computer is told to print N and the square root of N, using N’s current value.

The plotted line may be extended in the same instruction almost indefinitely subject to the screen limits and the character instruction limit by extending the instruction with TO aexpr5, aexpr6 TO aexprn? Using addition or subtraction, you may be able to generate reals as large as 1.

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If Manhal loops are nested more than 10 levels deep, the ‘. This Is the same as esc E Escape E. Anything which can be interpreted as a number, a string or a variable name may be used for expr- If Gxpr is a set of characters which cannot be a variable name, the characters must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Forms the bottom of a FOR