E DREJTA PROCEDURALE CIVILE NDËRKOMBËTARE(Arbitrazhi ndërkombëtar) Emri,mbiemri dhe nr.i. 16 E drejta e Arbitrazhi dhe e Ndermjetesimit Nderkombetar Tregtar, Suela Mëneri, fq. 17 Hassneh Insurance Co and others v. Steuart. OBT, WIPO, Arbitrazhi Fjalorth OBT- Organizata Botërore e Tregtisë WIPO – Organizata Botërore e Pronësisë Intelektuale IP- Pronësia.

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View Ideas submitted by the community. Its main focus is as stated in the title, i. Detailed drawings shall be provided at appropriate scales, depending on the represented object.

Zones where natural slopes appear to be unstable and cutting slopes that have suffered instability and landslide or failure of retaining structures, should be closely studied to determine cause, possible remedial measures and to ndekombetar the investigation.

Psikologjia sociale e mjediseve shkollore.

Shoqata e Bankave ka një informatë shumë të rëndësishme pë bizneset

Supervision may modify the above mentioned minimum guidelines if it is suggested or indicated by field data and observations. So it is necessary to perform appropriate geotechnical investigations in order to define the conditions of foundation for such constructions as well as the stability of the retaining wall within the terrain.

Skender Allkja The facsimile numbers of the Parties respectively are as follows: The type, number and depth depend primarily on the geological structure of the terrain.

It provides for a procedure before an arbitral tribunal as well as a conciliation mechanism. View forum Nderkokbetar forum without registering on UserVoice. The samples from hard rock should have a dimension H height: A Logging of all outcrops and unstable areas along the alignment shall be carried out noting the lithological structure, degree of weathering, stratification, direction and dip of all beds.


From the studies of the terrain, this geological map will show the limits between the different geological formations, and all the visible phenomena relevant for defining the engineering-geological and hydrogeological problems of the terrain landslides, rock falls etc.

The field investigation will be reported on a geodetic maps at a scale of 1: Profile last updated Jan 3, All the documents issued by the Sub-Consultant will be provided nderokmbetar 3 three different formats: Where the alignment passes though a zone of potential instability, the Sub-consultant shall carry out a careful examination of aerial stereo photographs using a stereoscope in order to identify any large slopes that have a potential to fail in the future as well as define the scarps and limits of old areas of instability that now affect the alignment.

Konferenca e 3-të e përvitshme e ICC mbi Arbitrazhin Ndërkombëtar në rajonin MENA*

It is usual that retaining structures will be used in the part of the alignment. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Exceptionally they may be obtained from bore-holes for bridges or from areas of deep cutting or unstable slopes.

All units to be used shall be ones of the international system. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. The Consultant hereby agrees to pay the Sub-Consultant, in consideration of the performance of the Sub-Consultant’s Services, such amounts as become payable under the provisions of the Sub-Consultancy Agreement at the times and in the manner rabitrazhi by the Sub-Consultancy Agreement.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Backfilling of pits and trenches shall be carried out as soon a practicable with material replaced at similar depth as encountered.


It was signed on 21 April and came into force dnerkombetar The final objective nderkombetae these geotechnical studies is to prepare the Geotechnical report supporting the final design and more precisely – for the embankments: Bio No content specified.

Kosova anëtarësohet në Gjykatën e Përhershme të Arbitrazhit | TRT Shqip

The part of invoice, which is not a subject of the dispute will be paid in accordance to the conditions stated in this Article. Undisturbed soil samples will be taken using the appropriate technique in accordance with BS Thirrja per konferencen e 4 2. Whereas on the 5th May the Contractor has provided a Letter of Intent to employ the Consultant for the redesign of the modied alignment.

Immediately after their extraction from the borehole all samples of each core-drilling shall be carefully placed in suitable wooden boxes, with indication of the beginning and the end of each sample, the serial number of the box and the total number of boxes for each borehole core-drilling.

From trial pits, at least one disturbed sample shall be taken from each discrete layer. The sites of proposed deep cuttings on the alignment should be inspected and locations of boreholes planned.

All volumes shall have page numbers and a table of contents. Documents required for application: In open land any surplus shall be heaped proud over the pit site.