Arcadia: A Novel [Lauren Groff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Timeless and vast The raw beauty of. Arcadia [Lauren Groff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times Bestseller “Timeless and vast The raw beauty of Ms. Groff’s. Arcadia [Lauren Groff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Signed advance reading copy in near perfect condition.

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This book touched me really deeply–I have lived in an intentional community, and my mother died from ALS, like Bit’s mother. In this case, though, I kept picturing Arcadia as a woven rug or blanket—the characters, setting, plot, and dialogue were all different colors that worked together, forming one whole where no element was any more important than any other. Lauren Groff’s prose, at its best is breathy and luminous.

With Fates and Furies, I arcadiw the first half and loved the second half. I felt it was a little drawn out, and aradia closure.

Lauren Groff | Arcadia

How perverse, the possibility of beauty, unearthed when he least expected it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to yroff the hair of a woman who gets to bathe once a week, but maybe that’s just me. Helle’s voice, so distant, when she said: Bit is at times a bit of a wimp.

That story has been told before, but a quick glance persuades me that Groff has made it wholly hers.

The early part of the novel is told from a very young child’s perspective, though not precisely in a child’s voice. As the novel progressed and focused more and more gorff Bit growing into a man – it shifted for me.

Or a boy like Bit. Everything is seen through the eyes of Bit, a little boy who somehow doesn’t seem to be “all there” upstairs.

Arcwdia – Final Discussion Spoilers September Here you’ll get to ride out a New York winter in a tent, quonset hut or bread truck, while waiting for your Utopian palace to be restored. Arcadia is about a utopian dream—at its best, its worst and everything in between. To view it, click here. Now a novel, one full life enclosed in covers. Groff has written the story of what it means to be part of a family inside a community, she has also very tenderly written the story of this wonderful character, Bit.


Mar 27, Darlene rated it really liked it. Everyone will live together in love and kindness.

I don’t know about this, you guys. The first two quarters of this book were beautifully rendered.

That no raging madman will come in with a gun or a bomb. People who, like many of the characters in this book, may have found that the dreamed for utopia isn’t always much of a utopia. You will treat all living creatures with respect.

I have to sleep with Abe and Hannah. I felt that this time frame was somewhat forced on the author by her choice to end the narrative in the yearwith a middle-aged Bit and his return-of-sorts to Arcadia. Jul 15, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Those who enjoy lush description and an unhurried pace will love especially the first part of the novel, those parts that happen during Bit’s childhood.

It’s about life, and what matters most within it: I was also impressed by Groff’s ability to include enough details w. When the population of Arcadia swelled to hundreds, this social experiment fell apart and the members scattered. Refresh and try again.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff – review | Books | The Guardian

A scene I won’t soon forget is Troff describing seeing a toddler in the field in the early morning light, gnawing on an unripe ear of corn. The first, told from the point of view of the naive yet sensitive and often frightened five-year-old, Bit, describes his growing up in the eponymous hippie commune.

Want to Read saving…. I thought maybe I was reading it too fast or something.

No sugar or meat but drinks spiked with LSD was fine, even for kids. That just happened to me while reading Arcadia by Lauren Groff. My feelings for Arcadia snuck up on me. Dec 21, Suzanne rated it really liked it. Here you will live a pure and truthful life.


They are trying to get back to the land, reject notions of corporate capitalism and the corruption it breeds, and create a better world. A fascinating description of a sociological experiment from the s and some memorable characters! Then there was, across the street yet seemingly worlds away from the frenetic activity of Santa Anita was the LA County Arboretum, which I’d several field trips to in elementary and intermediate school. Bit is an idealistic, creative, sensitive, and intelligent person, who finds his life turned upside down by the complexity of many of his relationships.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff – review

Bit is one of several dozen residents of a growing commune, Arcadia, in upstate New York. But that is the time and place of only the first section, and I ended up enthralled with it anyway; plus, the novel arcafia, of course, about much more.

Constructed in the ss, they’re mostly privately owned, have almost no amenities certainly no electricity but appear to be resided in year-round. Growing up in the working-class-turned-barrio section of southeast LA, I was rather intrigued by Arcadia, a seemingly perfect suburban wonder, a Sierra Madre the town next door writ a little larger, but not too large to dispel the Mayberry-meets-LA vibe.

I’d later learned that a great many of the scenes from Fantasy Island including the iconic “The Plane! I was fully expecting the language arcadla become simpler as Bit aged out of the commune and, in the second half of the book, is an adult living and working and parenting a young child of his own.