This month is my Year Anniversary of practicing Arhatic Yoga also called the ‘ Yoga of Synthesis.’ It was developed and refined by my great. Welcome to the World of Arhatic Yoga! Spirituality is a way of Life. It is not just doing meditation. MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras on Spiritual Practice. Arhatic Yoga is one of the most advanced spiritual technologies that accelerates the spiritual evolution of the soul & is an amazing gift to.

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Mary April 24, Reply. Therefore to transform an ordinary person to a saint, all the chakras should be developed from 4-inches to 18 or more in a balanced manner.

Arhatic Yoga, through the Arhatic Kundalini meditation, helps in activating and awakening the Kundalini energy. It is wonderful to have you here! Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. More soul energy in this case will arhztic the control over our various bodies to work in harmony together in favor of the evolution of the soul.

5 Ways Arhatic Yoga can Revolutionize Your Life

Am i eligible for arhatic yoga. I wish to receive more info regarding effective way to Arhatic yoga meditation. Beautiful video of Arhatic Yoga — Atma Namaste. Meditation acts as a fertilizer, it magnifies everything; the good and the bad; the crops and the weeds. References Master Choa Kok Sui. Prana World is all about healing, spirituality and wholesome living through the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Dear Amit, Unfortunately we do not have the precise information for the workshop prices in different countries.

What is Arhatic Yoga

Purified Aura One of the greatest obstacles to success is negative and weakening thoughts and emotions and self-defeating attitudes. As the meditations combine the various paths of yoga, the practitioner finds that he or she develops not only spiritually, but also mentally, emotionally and physically.


Amit sharma April 4, Reply. Please enter your email address. View shopping bag View shopping bag Proceed to checkout Proceed to checkout. Being a path to sainthood, Arhatic Yoga aims at transcending man to a superhuman with much increased intelligence, love and power.

It further develops the will aspect of the soul and accelerates its evolution. Subbarangaiah November 20, Reply.

What is Arhatic Yoga

Chandana November 23, Reply. Go to your wishlist Go to your wishlist. While 2-inch chakras is an indication of a mentally-retarded person, 6-inch chakras makes a person superior. The origin of picking up such tendencies are in most of the cases from other people arhatuc past memories.

Thanks for sharing these informations about Arhatic Yoga. So grateful Thank you! All About YogaSpirituality. Pin It on Pinterest.

Increased Awareness Awareness is different from concentration. Master Choa Kok Sui. Kiran Subhedar April 19, Reply. Always a pleasure Kiran, great to have you here: One of the greatest obstacles to success is negative and weakening thoughts and emotions and self-defeating attitudes. The Blue Pearl meditation increases the soul energy in yogz system, which gives us inner strength, calmness, clarity and more control over our bodies.

There are many paths of yoga such as Bhakti yoga which aims to achieve this union through love and devotion; Karma yoga does it through service, Jnana yoga aims at union through knowledge while Raja yoga works at union through meditation.

It further may lead to fear and low self-esteem. Please guide me for advanced techniques. Have a look around and discover the endless possibilities to change your life for the better and manifest your greatness through the world of subtle energies. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has successfully combined all these methods of yoga along with Kundalini yoga wrhatic form one of the fastest and most powerful methods for spiritual development and evolution.


Dr Sathya March 7, Reply.

This is the purpose of Arhatic Yoga! A well-developed Arhatic practitioner then uses these enhanced faculties to help the world by doing service, which forms the Karma yoga part of Arhatic Yoga.

It is believed to be dormant most of the time, located near the base of the spine, unless a person activates and awakens it through practice.

If the soul looses the control over the horses, each will run towards a different direction and there will be chaos. Sir, I received step 1 pranic healing. Arhatic Dhyan meditation, which is part of the Arhatic Yoga package, is designed to develop the capacity for prolonged awareness. Prana World April 24, Reply.

Another item that needs to be removed is the negative seeds, which exist in everyone and is the root of evil acts. Vasu Brown January 2, Reply. Thanks for sharing this information. Prolonged awareness is a necessity to achieve illumination. Awareness is different from concentration. Arhatic Yoga — Prep Course At the preparatory level, the practitioner is taught four meditations which, alongside the Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illuminationform the foundation for all future practices.

Its secret relies on its holistic approach to life and evolution, as a balanced development of all the chakras, virtues and faculties. There are a thousand more ways Arhatic Yoga can change your life….