Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Atlantis: la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y. Libros sin clasificar: Atlantis. la ciudad perdida – greg donegan. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote Atlantis Book Series (2 Books). From Book 1 ATLANTIS, LA CIUDAD PERDIDA (Spanish Edition) by Greg Donegan (). More Buying Choices – Paperback.

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This was an okay book. I read ztlantis Kindle version, and I hope the print version was not as poorly edited. Having read this book before, I came across the need to find the novel that so awed me many countless years ago.

I have received the entire series from good reads and after the difficulty reading the first book, Lz may take me a while before I can start the second: At first this created an off-kilter sense of mystery, kind of like the first few episodes of “Lost,” but nowhere NEAR as brilliant.

Bob’s style is to introduce sets of characters then follow them in parallel – often in different times of Earth’s history, going back to the mythical time atlantus Atlantis. Jun 14, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: I can’t recall reading another story built around a similar idea, and that’s quite a statement regarding a Science Fiction novel. Since this is the first book in a series, the author seems to be saving the “good stuff” for future books.


I am disappointed, as the story outline appeared to be something I could really get into and purchase sequels – in this case, I won’t. Jun 05, Baniza rated it really liked it. Mixing the past with the present, science and psudo-science, anthropology, physics, navy submarine warfare, mythology, and mystics; the narrative is enough to keep one interested, and doesn’t take much effort.

Atlantis – La Ciudad Perdida

So much so that I read atlqntis Atlantis and this the second part in one go. I won’t divulge any spoilers but I found the second half to be so uneven and unbelievable, I almost put this one down. Just finished Atlantis – Yep, a really great read all the way through. Started very promising, too bad it didn’t end that way.

When th Three areas on the Earth’s surface defy explanation: Books by Greg Donegan. There are also errors of continuity–the “Bermuda Triangle,” we are told, is called the “Devil’s Triangle” by the Japanese, yet later, the “Devil’s Triangle” is treated as a separate geographic location from the “Bermuda Triangle.

Five is something I reserve for the absolute best, something that I know I’ll go ciuda to and read again someday. Now, if only I had the next instalment!

I was completely entranced by the first installment, and this second perdidda followed in it’s footsteps quite admirably. There is just something about these books, and this one in particular that makes it hard to get into them. Myths about the area point to a civilization older than any known with possible links to Atlantis and home to strange beasts and technologies far in advance of any that the US or other countries has available.


Atlantis (Atlantis, #1) by Greg Donegan

I hadn’t realized that this is only the first book in a six-book series. It’s almost like the author is reciting events rather than trying to tell a story. Open Preview See a Problem? Paperbackpages. A plane crashes in Cambodia, and a secret CIA team is sent on rescue mission, but mysterious monsters and shadows appear.

It’s almost impossible to get them all out of a novel-length work. In the time of the Vikings, a warrior is approached by a priestess to take her on a strange journey. Doherty’s military background is evident in the detail of that aspect of the characters and their actions, but his lack of depth of knowledge of history and language made some of the storyline ring hollow for me.

The story narrative is in the past and the present.

But, more than puddle depth would be nice. Actually, “Atlantis” is pretty disappointing for a Bob Mayer aka G. Inside these realms, planes have disappeared, ships have vanished, and, in Cambodia, an entire civilization has been lost. The gdeg spend most of their time spinning their wheels, knowing nothing but that the antagonists exist, where they are, and that they’re up to no good.