Il ricevitore Sangean ATSX presenta le seguenti caratteristiche: o Ricezione in banda Pulsanti Tuning Up/Down – Manual Tuning/Auto Tuning/page. View and Download SANGEAN ATSX service manual online. FM / MW / LW / SW PLL SYNTHESIZED RECEIVER SANGEAN ATSX. ATSX. View and Download Sangean ATSX user manual online. ATSX Portable Radio pdf manual download.

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Each time the ATSX is turned on the battery level indicator will remain.


This associates the radio frequency and mode with the timer. Line-out and a timer activation Standby out to control external recorder. Page 34 Just connect the external audio and turn on the radio.

It is used in conjunction with the Line-out jack. Some online reviewers say this radio isn’t very sensitive, ats-99x I haven’t noticed any serious difficulty in that area. I’m not saying the sensitivity criticism is without merit, but so far I haven’t seen any support for it. The Snooze function is indicated with an icon in the display. Stereo icon will appear in the LCD display if headphones are connected. Before I acquired this radio, I read all about the tuning detent issue.

Mxnual found enough information online to know how to proceed, so shortly after I acquired the radio, I took it apart and delicately unsoldered the dial tuning device from its circuit board, pried it open, and removed the detent spring. To set a timer: Those who live in the industrialized West get the idea that, for every market need, there’s a company willing to jump in and try to manal it.


Never spill liquid of any kind or products.

To wrap up this introduction and get on with a discussion of the ATSX, here is the market gap I see that a company like Icom could fill if only they realized that the gap exists:. Power Supply When selecting a page of memory the ATSX will scan and select the memory preset for the strongest station.

Now tune the radio to the desired frequency and mode for the radio alarm. Button Band Frequency Range Wavelength The radio is actually rather well-built. Enter text from picture: Page 39 Specification Power Requirements Batteries: The present state will show at the upper right — either a bell symbol alarm or a musical note radio. Spread may be changing accordingly: It’s a lot of radio for the price. Important Safety Instructions Important safety instructions 1.

Inside the tuning device are three little mechanical fingers that contact a plate with patterned metal manua, to encode which direction the user is rotating the tuning knob. Just connect the external audio and turn on the radio. Among the many conveniences offered by this The radio will sound non-stop at the selected time for up to 60 minutes for other radio alarm types. When I see a freely rotating dial on a modern electronic device, I assume it’s an optical encoder.


So color me surprised. Page of 40 Go. This radio comes with a 9 volt AC power converter, and I read a few online accounts in which someone apparently technically knowledgeable scolded owners for trying to run the radio on a direct-current power source.

It’s true once again for the ATSX, and this note is as much for me as aats-909x is for you, dear reader. Disassembling and reassembling the radio wasn’t difficult, but unsoldering, opening, closing and resoldering the dial tuning device was quite difficult, and I don’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t an expert at soldering and use of small tools, and has all the right equipment at hand.

Sangean ATS-909X w (R1) User Manual

Read and understand all safety and operating instructions before the radio is operated. When selecting a page of memory the ATSX will scan and select the memory preset for the strongest station. I see this as one of the few negatives in this radio — a frequent tuner is eventually going to wear manuxl device out through simple friction.

Tune to station you would like to program into memory.