To measure straightness of a beam with the use of Auto-Collimator. – To identify the principle of Auto-Collimator device. – To be able to draw conclusions about. Auto-collimator is an optical instrument used for measuring small angular differences. Relevant for: Autocollimator The autocollimator combines both optical tools, the collimator and the telescope into Operating principle of the autocollimator.

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This makes them ideal alignment instruments in applications like aligning laser rod ends or checking parallelism among optics. Measurement of non-parallelism in windows, laser rod ends, and optical wedges by the two-face reflection method.

Digital autocollimators use an electronic photodetector to detect the reflected beam. In a second application the basic requirement is to bring the laser and its sight to be aligned with a mechanical mounting interface.

Like in the collimator the image of the illuminated object reticle is projected by the objective lens to infinity. Latest from the trade show floor. Focusing Collimator Finite distance setting Virtual image. Originally bore sighting is defined as the adjustments made to an optical scope to be aligned to the firearm barrel.

It can be of a 2D frame type allowing angular measurements in two directions, or a 1D line autocollimtaor sensor for single axis measurements. Visual autocollimators rely on the operator’s eye to act as the photodetector.

Optical Angle Measurement

Autocollimators are high-precision instruments for measurement of angular reflections. Micro-Radian laser autocollimators have emitted beams as small as 1. We are also fully capable of designing and manufacturing specialized autocollimators as the needs require.

Click here for a selection of Micro-Radian bench top digital autocollimators or click here to view the PC-based digital autocollimators. Because of this special set up, the effective autocollimator aperture for bore sighting applications will exceed mm, these effective aperture conversion is a function of the length of the periscope used.


A device called a bore-sighter or collimator is used to accomplish this. Depending on the location of the reticle relatively to the focal plane, it results a real or a virtual image at a finite distance.

Autocollimator – Wikipedia

Because of the laws of reflection that double the angle of the back reflected beams, autocollimators are calibrated to show half the angle of the total incoming beam deviation. Principle of a telescope. This procedure will ensure perfect alignment between the mechanical interface to its optical means.

The newly invented Laser Analyzing Autocollimator LAA will allow bore sighting between multiple lines of sights to a laser, or laser designator or some other bore sighting application. Digital autocollimators are available as stand-alone bench top models, as USB-based models designed for use with a PC and as optical-head-only princpile designed for direct integration into OEM systems.

Micro-Radian Autocollimator Principles of Operation

The collimator is usually set up in this way known as infinity adjustment setting. The built in principlle cross is than projected to the sight which will be adjusted to coincide with the projected cross direction.

The telescope is an optical tool that images an object at a far distance – usually preset to infinity – into the image plane of the objective lens. Alignment is achieved by new techniques involving special state-of-the-art electronic autocollimator and new las autocollimatr straightness measurements.

In bore sighting applications, the final accuracy and feasibility is crucial. Sub pixel resolution by evaluating image gray levels. The new apparatus is based on a state-of-the-art autocollimator combined with an imaging laser beam profiler. An ultra-compact, high-power LED for high-density solid-state Than the periscope is rotated degree to cancel the parallax between the sight and autocollimator. Many other applications require alignment of the laser beam to its optical cavity or to other optical elements.


Optical devices Optical metrology Measuring instruments.

The PC assisted measurement guarantees much higher resolution, accuracy and repeatability of the results compared to the visual inspection, since it does not depend on the operators experience and attention.

Typically, the servo-version of the T40 or T30 optical heads are selected because of their compact, lightweight size and wide field of view. This point is also located at a finite distance. This combination with some addit ional optics will be very useful for bore sighting application between an optical sight and laser systems.


An autocollimator works by projecting an image onto a autocollimaotr mirror and measuring the deflection of the returned image against a scale, either visually or by means of an electronic detector. When moving the reticle out of the focal plane of the objective lens, the shape of the emerging beam will change:.

The autocollimator combines both optical tools, the collimator and the telescope peinciple one instrument using a single objective lens. All Micro-Radian visual autocollimators are focused on infinity, making them suitable for use at any working distance. Reflex Photonics is growing its portfolio of integrated test systems This set up in is known as infinity setting.

If the beam diverges, a virtual image is produced at the aparent crossing point of the beam rays.