Introduction Automounting enables a system to automatically mount and unmount NFS resources wheneve they are accessed. The resource. NFS & AutoFS. Configuring NFS: NFS(Network File System): This file system is implemented by most unix type OS(SOLARIS/LINUX/FreeBSD). NFS seamlessly . Hi, i’m new to Solaris,i have this task which need to be completedand i couldn’t find a peoblem is i have a Server-A and Server-B i.

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Use is subject to license terms. The automount property in the config iin group specifies the order that the name service databases are searched when looking for automount entries.

This first attempt provides a map that appears simple, but the map is inadequate. Assume that you are the administrator of a large software development project. Working With Remote Systems Overview.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11

At least with ZFS this isn’t c orrect. Managing Network File Systems Overview 5. A required mount point can exist only in a file system that cannot be mounted, which auofs the file system cannot be exported. However, the final result changes with the mount point that is specified and the complexity of the maps. However, now the sorting process is more complex. Not only is the best server automatically determined, but if that server becomes solarris, the client automatically uses the next-best server.


An accessible server is not running NFS daemon. Handles client file system requests to access remote file system request. The mount process is generally oslaris same for all mounts. Steps to set up an autofs map that supports different operating systems. Type of file system to be mounted.

AutoFs Config in Solaris 10

The tools directory contains software development tools for all subprojects, so this directory is not subject to the same subdirectory structure. The automount command The autofs file system The automountd daemon The automount service, svc: Supports record locking function for NFS files. Steps to set up solaria autofs map that supports different client architectures.

This change allows the old NIS file names to work. Indirect map keys must be simple names, not path names. Mount point for the resource. Network File System Administration Tasks 6. Also, indirect maps do not occupy as much space in the mount table as direct maps. Although the map now appears to be much larger, the map still contains only the five entries. For clients that are running version 5.

A reboot clears all the autofs mount points. Normally, you would mount files on removable media by using the Volume Manager. Autofs chooses the appropriate server and is able to confine NFS network traffic to a segment of the local network.

This view should be common across all computers, whether client or server. Failover is particularly useful in a large network with many subnets. The author does not allow comments to this entry.


Directs autofs to reference-oriented file systems. A file system mounted with the hard option prints a warning message and continues to try to process the request. Similarly, if the local subnet consists of a varied number of version 2 and version 3 servers, the automounter first looks at the which version represents the highest version on the local subnet.

The server is not running the mountd daemon Resolution: The following table provides a description and a pointer to many of the tasks that are related to autofs. Task Description For Instructions Start autofs.

Troubleshooting Autofs Occasionally, you might encounter problems with autofs. Managing Web Cache Servers 3. Check if the NFS server is operational and functioning properly. The default enables setuid execution. Quicksearch Disclaimer The individual owning this blog works for Oracle in Germany.

The devil in the details. This section describes some of the most common tasks you might encounter in your own environment. Prerequisites At first we have to export the directories with the real homedirectories on both hosts via NFS.

If several servers that support the same protocol are on the local subnet, the time to connect to each server is determined and the fastest server is used.