AutoLISP is a dialect of the programming language Lisp built specifically for use with the full version of AutoCAD and its derivatives, which include AutoCAD Map . Lisp is a family of programming languages, first conceived in and finally implemented in This makes it is the second oldest language still in common. This course is your ultimate guide to learning AutoLISP Programming. You will learn by example with lots of programs.

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It looks like a bunch of garbled mess.

This function tests the response and returns 1 if it is “Y” or “y”, and 0 if it is “N” or “n”, and nil otherwise. Substitutes the new d2 layer for the old d1 layer in the entity list a1and assigns it to the new entity list progrqming. Open AutoCAD and type this at the command line: In addition to the standard start point and height, you autoisp asked to enter the distance between text lines.

Click the “Files” tab. A program is a list of instructions for your computer to carry out. Erases everything on the drawing screen.

Keep your arguments together.

An AutoLisp variable may contain more than one value in a single variable. Assume variable c contains the following list: Type setq aa1 and press enter.


AutoLISP – Wikipedia

It is built into AutoCAD. If a is equal to bthen b will be assigned the value 5. So, in the example above, to answer Yes to the prompt, you need only type “y” progra,ing to answer NO, you must type “no”. This is used to avoid potential ambiguities when 2 or more options begin with the same letter.

Strings Strings are bits of text and can be up to a maximum length of characters eg: The function would then place a marker at that point, and create a one-line text object next to it, containing the X and Y coordinates of the point expressed relative to the active User Coordinate System UCS.

Ever try to debug it? AutoCAD does not have autoliso “built in” functions that are a single character. The first closes the repeat loop. You have successfully created an AutoLisp program. You will get the built in functions back next time you open a new drawing or you could use a period in front of the command to make it execute an AutoCAD built in function.

Therefore the exclamation point before the variable name will return nil. You will mostly be using ssget. This function returns the convertion of an integer to a real number.


Make sure you save the file in a location where AutoCAD can find your file in it’s search path. Putting skilled staff on full progrraming is not always economically feasible for small businesses. The properties of these graphical entities are revealed to AutoLISP as association lists in which values are paired with AutoCAD group codes that indicate properties such as definitional points, radii, colors, layers, linetypes, etc. Remember that a selection set may contain more than one entity name.

On this website you can engage skilled drafters. Go to the “Tools” drop down menu and go to “Preferences”. The first thing you should know about AutoLisp: That’s what conditionals are all about; they allow your program to make decisions.

AutoLISP Quick Start

Better check your variable names at the command line as discussed earlier. Alrighty then, let’s type this at the command prompt: The above code defines a new function which generates an AutoCAD point object at a given point, with a one-line text object displaying the X and Y coordinates beside it.

If this is the only place it shows up then my first explanation would be correct.