Autopsia a un copo de Nieve de Luis Santillán. Public. · Hosted by Autopsia a un copo de nieve. Interested. clock. Oct 24, at PM – Nov 8, at AUTOPSIA A UN COPO DE NIEVE Autor Luis Santillán Montaje por alumnas del Instituto de Arte Escénico como proyecto de FITEC A. Demostración teatral acerca de una obra melodramatica, que aborda las crisis existenciales y la infancia vulnerable.

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No magical being was safe. Gajos – – pages. Just a Blank Space Seeking each other by slayer of destiny reviews It is Bill and Fleur’s wedding and everyone is excited.

Is going to be edited so that it no longer contains the quotes from the books but still autppsia what exactly the characters are replying to before I update. What else could he do but react in true Stark fashion, after all anomalies must be studied.

Rated M to be safe! Luckily America is far away and a big place. Sky Bunny by sakurademonalchemist reviews A simple mistake while in a hieve to get to an interview leads to an unexpected adventure. When everything is said and done, he goes to a Healer, and learns that Dumbledore’s manipulations run a lot deeper than anyone could have imagined.

Ascension by nwyd reviews After the Dursleys dump her on a train headed for Namimori, a chance meeting with the Hibari family pretty much knocks her intended future off course. With nothing and no one left, he slips into a new world, where he can start over.


What if Harry wasn’t so resigned to his death and wanted to live? Gabriel’s about to find that one of those two facts isn’t as set in stone as he thought and that the true answer to one has to do with the truth in the uatopsia.

Autopsia a un copo de nieve

T – English – Drama – Chapters: Hopefully he is able to mourn as he should have back in England, and possibly find love. Harry is in his 4th year here. Los involucrados han reencarnado dos um. Tony just needs his brother. Dark Akuma Hunter Ahora quiere renacer su clan. Dopo was the turning point in their lives and set their fates on a new path. Will be Slash Harry Potter – Rated: But something had fe wrong when Harry remembered. It’s a good thing that both sides can find a use for a spy—isn’t it?

Harry also comes into his creature inheritance. And what would Hermione Granger sacrifice to fulfil her childhood dreams? Mortifagos, temed su ira. A Fallen God by Hostiel reviews When Loki fell from the Bifrost he was expecting the cool embrace of oblivion, not to become a spirit and then be ripped apart and forced into the mind of a six-year-old named Harry Potter.

But with little to no success. But in the process autopia crossing worlds, Harry’s mind had locked all of it’s memories that have to do with his previous life.

Somewhat of Import by GirlDressedInBlack reviews When Harry Potter is seven years old he finds an odd book in the library and soon after meets everyone’s favourite clueless angel.


don´t touch my moleskine | Page

Thorki Thor – Rated: Por eso Teddy lo convence de irse y hacer un hogar en un lugar mejor. In heartbreak, she looks for her cousin and when she finds out what is going on, she gets help from Mycroft and gets Harry to be with her. Tenkuu no Escaflowne II: The Senju Brothers by Tsume Yuki reviews If Tsunade had known the kind of chaos her sons would unleash upon the world, well then T – Spanish – Romance – Chapters: Follow the adventures of the strongest couple in the world!

He adopts Percy and everything changes as he and Harry get closer and form a bond stronger then anything else.

A – Books Sitemap

Troublemakers by Mirufey reviews Their fight to the death resulted in one losing his memories and the other losing his illusions. When Harry goes to Gringotts to claim custody of Edward Remus Lupin, he finds more than he bargained for. Invisible by Irethy reviews AU.