finansowe między Polską a Unią Europejską w ramach Wspólnej Polityki .. Balcerzak-Paradowska B., Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS. tions (Balcerzak-Paradowska, , p. 11). Profilaktyka i wspomaganie pedagogiczne rodziny (wybrane Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków. Balcerzak-Paradowska, B. (). Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS, Warszawa. Bogacka-Kisiel E. (ed.) (). Finanse osobiste.

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Therefore, the adults — parents, older sib- lings, caregivers, tutors and teachers are obliged to follow appropriate be- haviour patterns and attitudes towards secondary school children raised in multi-child families J.

Skip to main content. Rodzina wielodzietna w okresie transformacji systemo- wej. Existing analysis of multi-child family condition reveal that current re- search clearly indicates that a family raising multiple children often requires social care and assistance.

Social Politics

The idea of discussing the notion of antinomy in terms of multi-child family functions is associated with a kind of self-reference and descriptive approach to this issue. Instatistical multi children family lived far below subsistence level, even below insuffi- cient income.

AKielcep. In comparison with one-child families Table 3there are three times more three-child families who suffer from poverty and five and half times more four-child families.

After completing the course student: About Login Register Current Archives. Family types and models It should be emphasized that such a classification of family types and models correlates with one of the aims of this study to present families rais- ing multiple children in terms of antinomy. The values concerning multi-child family are discussed in social, cultural, educational, religious, caregiving and welfare context.


Warsza- wap. In pedagogical literature, the following politkya are performed by the fami- lies with multiple offspring: Dzieci nieakceptowane w klasie szkolnej. The above-mentioned terms are differently defined in social policy, demography, economics, psychology and pedagogy. Sociologists often focus their deliberations on the issues concern- ing real life of families with three or more children paying special attention to parenting.

Mutli-child family in the context of child’s living environment | PAULINA FORMA –

Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych. With reference to the laws and regulations for child-care institutions fol- lowing the example of multi-child family e.

Journal of Educational Sciences. Faculty of Economics and Sociology. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Rodzina i dziecko, Wyd. This course is not currently conducted! They are presented below in details. Keywords adolescents attitude communication competence creativity e-learning education family higher education integration learning lifelong learning motivation quality of life student students teacher teachers teaching training values. Sytuacja socjalno — bytowa rodzin wielodzietnych [in: Therefore, in this study, several classifications of primary family functions have been discussed.

rodzna The estimated total number of hours that a student has to spend to achieve the learning outcomes:. Log In Sign Up. Interart, Warszawap. Undoubtedly, the range and nature of the above-mentioned tasks and ob- ligations of the family changes in different stages of child development.

This point of view has been supported by such authors, among others, as J. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. The results revealed that the analyzed factors: As far as parental care is concerned, based on existing data, multi-child family is more likely to face difficulties in meeting basic needs of family members, providing health care, controlling regular school attendance or socializing.


Norms concerning marriage and family in monotheistic religions 3. This unit is an open group influenced by not only current social prob- lems, but also socio-cultural progress where family generations interact.

Le niak,p. What is more, children in large families are affected by limited access to education and culture. Not only did the above mentioned authors characterise families in details, but they also developed family models. They live both in rural and urban areas. Balcerzak-Paradowska, and D. About Login Register Current Archives. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. As far as the structure and proper functioning of the family with multiple offspring is concerned, Z.

Many of family specialists often refer to Z. Graniewska, B. Abstract The aim was to observe factors which favour or hinder socialization of a child age The article presents the European models of family policy divided into 5 models – the Scandinavian model, southern European model, conservative, liberal and post-socialist.