Up to now most of the ballastless track systems, which have been built on Ballastless track systems using discrete rail seats as well as systems with sleeper . The Group (formerly ‘Pfleiderer track systems’) was involved from the earliest days in a leading role for the development of ballastless track systems. At the beginning of the s, the ÖBB started using ballastless track systems. During the first phase (from until ), several different types of ballastless .

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One example of such developments has been the establishment of ballastless track, not only for niche applications, but also as a standard product alongside conventional and more.

Views Read Edit View history. Recently, the company has succeeded in profitably exploiting its experience in numerous projects for various countries and railway authorities. In comparison, the usual line sections can be explained with only a few cross-sections and views. Rail traffic is reaching out toward new horizons on ballastless track systems. Is there any details available? Learn how your comment data is processed.

Distribution of ballast-less systems worldwide. These shstem included the following: Rapid transit can mean rough conditions.

Ballastless track | Stabirail | Slab track construction system

A few years later, these developments reached Europe. One additional and special challenge results from the politically tense situation within the Kashmir region.

Subsequently definition likewise takes place for the optimal combination of slab thickness and type of elastic mat. The elastic RockDelta mats truly demonstrate an outstanding degree of effectiveness and long service life — even after decades of operation on conventional mainline routes.

Further information Functional principle. RHEDA RX satisfies these constraints balastless requiring reduced quantities and weights of materials, construction support, and machines necessary on the construction site — and by its carefully designed installation methods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rather, it is broken down into a department for track components e.

For example it is possible to make the whole system rideable for road vehicles e. Issue Issue 2 In general, however, representation of the entire line has proved to be of less concern than increasingly expected detailed depictions showing the complexity of individual track components. As a result, there was practically no reference basis for later ballastless track systems in India. With the RHEDA ballastless track system, ballast,ess make our significant contribution to implement high-performance rail infrastructure in India.


This calls for the provision of numerous civil constructions such ballasless bridges and tunnels that can withstand the extreme demands placed by climate changes and earthquakes.

Track systems installed on asphalt supporting layers predominantly feature direct-support configurations: We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use.

This solution effectively isolates vibrations resulting from passing trains. This tool allows the collection of large amounts of data, its analysis and the prediction of situations based on statistical patterns. On the basis of the consistently positive operational experience gained with its systems in Germany, RAIL. Nevertheless, most of the works for the system can be done by local people either in the prefabrication process or on site.

The ÖBB/Porr ballastless track system

Bi-block applications guarantee a safe and reliable bond between the sleeper and the infill concrete as well as easier handling. Due to the prefabrication principle, a very good track quality can be realised with a minimum of high-qualified people on site. Numerous expert presentations made by RAIL.

Additionally, numerous IPB beams were installed laterally into the tunnel floor, at intervals of 1 to 3m, for stabilisation of the tunnel cross-section. By Global Railway Review. This also especially applies to the central component of the system: Therefore, ballastless track forms will be needed as well.

Further disadvantages of ballastless tracks are the impossibility of adjusting or correcting track geometry once concrete has been set, the necessity of a stable infrastructure since no adjustments can be made to the superstructurehigher noise emissions, and longer repair times when the concrete slab is damaged e.

The Bögl ballastless track system

It is possible only in this way for planning engineers as well as approval engineers to achieve a level of knowledge that can serve as sufficient basis for collaboration in the sense of mutual trust. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ballastless Track ACCIONA Construction, in anticipation of the next surge of investment in rail infrastructure, and aware of the important role that the ballastless track will play in this surge, as well as of the obstacle to competitiveness caused by the use of commercial systems, has promoted the development of its own ballastless track system.


The interfaces xystem from this situation often require additional documentary evidence of conformity that is usually extraordinarily difficult to provide and that have no yrack to actual practice, since the ballastless track acts as a total system. ONE has systematically further developed this solution and has adapted it to changing bllastless.

Cross acceptance enables official approval of an existing, proven system on the basis of evidence of conformity provided to show conformity only with those requirements that are different from already existing xystem approvals.

The mats can support walking and vehicle traffic, which means no restrictions for track construction. The track planning team did not have access to tunnel planning documents; it obtained only longitudinal and lateral bxllastless representations, as well as a local inspection tour before award of contract.

Above all, however, this approach showed that the required permanence of the respective track components could satisfactorily be achieved with application of both sets of criteria. Therefore, questions of superstructure are of major importance. For noise and vibration reduction, many of these systems are combined with floating slabs. For new official approvals, it is advisable, before preparation of the documented evidence of conformity, to coordinate with the responsible examining authorities as to which criteria must be checked and in which manner.

Consequently, these are the benefits that have led to application of ballastless track technology in continuing major projects for rail lines: Issue Issue 6 The typical behaviour of a ballasted track shows the elasticity in the ballast itself and in the rail fastening system. The floor of the tunnel was poured as a type of lean concrete, onto existing rock or other sub-grade.

In addition, these modifications enabled further improvement in the bond of the sleeper in the structural concrete.