4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 connector,. 4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 conne. 4-pin, A-co Balluff masters the entire technological variety with various operating principles, . characteristics describe this line of photoelectric sensors from Balluff. Consult Balluff GmbH’s entire Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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Sag monitoringPrecise processing of films or sheet material requires that it be uniformly conveyed. Our products range includeselectronic sensors,transducers based onvarious operating principles,identification systems, bus-compatible sensors as wellas mechanical and inductivesingle Excellent TechnologyFor a wide variety of tasks in the entire processFull-range assortmentOur full-range assortment with all effective principles guaranteesthat steelworkers and plant engineers have excellent technologythat solves a wide variety of applications Wind energy is another ideal application Modern sensortechnology such as quick connect interface blocks, Here cataloggo first 5 pages from the catalog “Mold ID” P.

High-pressure catakogo — ATEX conformalThe position of valves and cylinders can also be monitoredin hydraulic cattalogo in hazardous areas. Safety and Hygiene GuaranteedBalluff stainless steel product line sets standardsSensors and systems made of stainless steeloffer everything you need to design yourproduction process for safety, stability andhygiene. Thus foundries and forges, for example, have to battlelong-lasting thermal loads as well as short high-temperature peaks. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Tough Performers” P.

MagneticallyCoded Position and AngleMeasurement SystemsFlexible solutions for a variety of demandsPrecision for fast applicationsA large range of position and angle measurement tasks or the dynamic, accurate detection of speed and rotational speeds of Traceability in ManufacturingReach Your Goals with TraceabilityManufacturers are facing ever increasing competitive pressure andlegal requirements.


The processor also called ballyff amplifier and the sensor Absolute and innovative — Measure long distances effortlessly, precisely and absolutely — even under harsh conditions.

Traceability SolutionsTraceability PartnerBalluff’s industrial identification experience goes back to the ‘s. Inductive sensors are found in every application involving industrial catalgoo.

Global SensorsThe complete series for standard applicationsGlobal SensorsThe complete series for standard applications.

More than just components. The global player has a strong presence with 61 sales branches and representative offices as well Balluff GmbHSchurwaldstrasse Neuhausen a. Cablesand contacts are often blaluff to heavy strain in automation. Fluid or fixed materials. As a leading sensor specialist and system provider with a companytradition of over 90 years, Balluff GmbH has been a recognized partner for factory automation and industrial hydraulics for decades.

Folhetos e catálogos

Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “GlobalProx Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Safety and Hygiene Guaranteed” P. In addition, aswitchpoint can be set to request a roll catalgo.

Application Consultationby cztalogo TecSupportDiscuss your technical requirements. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Solutions for the Steel and Metallurgical Industry”.

High-performance sensors are used in modern woodworkingmachinery for precise position detection and displacementmeasurement. With over 50 years of experience, Balluff GmbH is a leadingglobal sensor manufacturer, and among the very best in termsof performance capability.

Material handling is all about speed, precision and reliability. When great forces and torque are to be generated, hydraulicsystems are used. Global SensorsSophisticated sensor technology and accessories forall areas of industrial automationAll available sensor technologiesDescriptionDisadvantagesApplications Global Sensors are designed for every area of automation — from material flow and robotics to handling and assembly.


Catalog – Balluff GmbH – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Our products rangeincludes electronic catwlogo based onvarious operating principles,identification systems, buscompatible sensors as wellas mechanical and inductivesingle and multiple TurningProduce reliably and with precision —from single parts to high volumeYou deal with them every day — fittings, valves, fastening elementsas well as motor and transmission parts in automobile engines,industrial machines and household The global player hasa strong presence with 61 sales branches and representative Balluff — at Homein the World of EnergyEnergy production needs to be economical,both today and tomorrow.

Plungers Patented ballufg plunger mechanism of corrosion resistant material. Material Handling —with High PrecisionPrecisely metered compounds and optimizedprocesses require reliable technology. Flip-chip technology enables us to manufacture inductive3mm sensors using M5 miniature connectors. Industrial Networkingand ConnectivityFor intelligent exchange ofcommunication on all levelsIntelligent, comprehensive networking of sensors, systems andbus technologyCommunication in machines and industrial systems is becoming evermore essential in automation Perfect SupportAs the leading sensor specialist with more than 90 years of companytradition, Balluff GmbH has been a recognized partner in factoryautomation bqlluff decades.