The Jovian is a heavily modified Mars Class Battlecruiser serving in the Imperial Navy. Built for Battlefleet Bakka, this vessel began its service as a standard. Battlefleet Gothic compendium: Battlefleet Bakka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fleet lists and ships for Battlefleet Bakka in Battlefleet Gothic.

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Cruisers, we need to be selective here. Nate, I think that you already have all your answers for one more round of changes in your document This action brought them into conflict with the “Big-Gun Lobby” at Bakka.

The timely arrival of the Imperial Navy’s entire Battlefleet Battpefleet from Bakka finally sealed the Tyranids’ fate by catching them in a vice between the two fleets. The most powerful of these was the Apostate Cardinal of Gathalamor, Bucharis, whose heresies reached such proportions that they became known as the Plague of Unbelief. Permanent installations are built on the black rafts.

Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics

Cause this will help me focus my unrelenting assault as to why the Jovian and Mars are on this last as written currently. We would never want to make something both good and cheap. Medium range, battefleet cannon capable. Is this supposed to be a fleet with: These turrets are also available to some of the Mechanicus cruisers.

Please login or register. The gothic and dictator are out because they can’t take nova canons, and no carriers allowed. Their Battleflret of fusion fire transfixed the organic hulls of the bio-ships and clouds of Imperial Navy fighters darted in to tear apart the crippled vessels. As the Dominus Astra dragged the heart of the Hive Fleet to balka, the bio-ships pursuing Calgar started to split up, the smaller vessels rushing after the Ultramar ships while their larger companions turned back and left the Macragge System.


In space, the survivors of the Ultramar fleet easily destroyed the last wave of bio-ships. Teal means ‘with vengeance’.

In the end, even if you hate it, the idea is to make sure it’s not so unbalanced that it is cheating or broken if you have to face it as an opponent. Over Imperial Aquilas emblazoned the hologlobe representing Heavy Cruisers, Missile Destroyers, and Battleships, while a singular gold eagle battlsfleet the huge Emperor -class Battleship Dominus Astra. Notify me of new comments via email.

Bakka serves as the primary Segmentum Fortress for Battlefleet Bakkaproviding coordination for all Imperial Navy forces in the region and serving as the primary point of resupply and repair for all the Imperial battlefleets now operating in the Segmentum Tempestus. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The largest balka base closest to Macraggeit played a key role in defending Ultramar during the Battle battefleet Macragge.

Everything else is up for grabs as long as it doesn’t break core Imperial fleet rules. As of now, I have several conversion on the battleflewt cruiser to reflect the orthodoxy of Bakka keeping a Mars Pattern with enough small changes that make the fleet recognizable. Amidst the rings of Circe the Imperial fleet turned at bay, their engines holding them at a dead halt above bands of planetary storm that reached about the giant’s circumference.

Segmentum Tempestus is organised into light-year cubes called Sectors. The rings bartlefleet with the bright flashes of Imperial ships dying in fiery wreaths of plasma.

Battlefleet Bakka

Thanks for the levity, Nate. Retrieved from ” http: The goal is to create something that isn’t broken. This fleet comes from an alternative imperial fleet, in the venerable BFG Magazine 2, and represents the home fleet of Segmentum Tempestus. The surface of the planet consists of black island rafts of basalt and granite that float on a glowing viscous sea of cooling lava. Realspace rippled visibly and then shuddered back before the groaning warp drives of the Dominus Astra as it hurled itself into the Warp.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Contents [ show ]. This would make a really cool cheap line breaker if it just had 20cm speed. A relatively young world, Bakka was colonised during the Dark Age of Technology by the restless agents of Mankind who claimed it for their own, greedy for its abundant and available mineral wealth.

If you must, allow cruisers to purchase a single additional turret for 5 points. The Ultramar fleet slowed and prepared to fight again as Calgar swiftly communicated with Lord Admiral Zaccarius Rath, commander of the Tempestus fleet, and exchanged plans.

Jovian – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Sign In Don’t have an account? I actually started before this document. Permanent installations are built on the black rafts. However there is a downside to all thie loveliness — when it is finally destroyed hopefully not to soon given it should be standing quite far off from the enemy fleet it rolls 3D6 battkefleet the Catastrophic Damage Table making it much, much more likely to explode! Role is more conflicted than the Retribution, and NC is not worth more than S9 torps on any day of the week.

With the fate of the beleaguered polar garrisons pressing on his mind, Calgar swiftly gathered up his fleet and turned back in-system, while Lord Admiral Rath’s ships swung into triumphant procession behind him.

F — Ad-mech Dictator R — Mercury Class Battlecruiser The Mercury Class Battlecruiser rear of the above photo is a battlecruiser specifically designed to hunt pirates — high speed, powerful weapons.