Based on the BC chipset, this Bluetooth module will serve as master and slave in one unit, allowing up to 10 meters (roughly 10 yards) or wireless data. You can use this module to communicate between two microcontrollers like Arduino or communicate with any device with Bluetooth. lent Bluetooth Module, it is fully certified to Blue- Radio Chip: CSR BC Memory: 5V voltages out of the Bluetooth module when operated with a 5V host.

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Since these modules do not have the datasheet nor the blue LED I presume they are copies. The main two are; via a serial UART adapter, or, by using an Arduino and a serial-in serial-out sketch. The HC enters AT command mode at start up. I have an Arduino sketch that tries to communicate at a list of available speeds. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The Bluetooth Module does not wait for any termination character for each AT command entry.

Here is more correct information:. We prefer to fulfill orders under Alibaba Trade Assurance system, since both parties will be protected. I have the same problem.

Data Logging application 4. Bare in mind the data sheets are from and Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Here everything the modules receives via the wired serial connection is sent to the connected device.

After a connection has been made the modules go in to transmission mode. The first thing with any new Bluetooth module is to power them up and see if they work and what name they transmit.


The Bluetooth Module automatically sets itself up in Command Mode when it is not remotely connected paired to any other Bluetooth device. The module has a pin spacing of 1. Make sure you have no line endings selected. Not combination of activity on the power and I presume command pin 34 had any effect.

Arduino Pro Mini – 3. Most PCs cannot use a baud rate above Seems the cheap eBay units I bought do not respond at all to AT commands for whatever reason… so bought one from Amazon instead and this just works….

HC Bluetooth Module -BC | Smart Prototyping

So no surprises there. You can download it at the bottom of the page. With more than year experiences in the wireless connectivity, which ensure us have the capability for providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide.

Use of USB to Serial converter cable that can work at higher bauds may be necessary to re-establish a connection.

I have received a few comments about HC and HC modules that use a new breakout board new to me at least. Not response to AT commands at all.

The state pin is connected to on board LED, it can be used as a feedback to check if Bluetooth is working properly. However, nothing I could do would get them into command mode.

HC-06 (ZG-B23090W) Bluetooth 2.0 EDR modules

Is it free or extra? There are many android applications that are already available which makes this process a lot easier. Ok… problem resolved kind of! When powered on the LED flashes about 10 times a second. Catasheet as HC currently… I know the module dataxheet as is as I have just used the same one for the drop controller I built from your circuit diagrams thanks btw, its a step up from my HiViz unit: Pin 34 is only used for HCs.


HC-31 Bluetooth 2.0 Module -BC417

The information on difference between HC and HC is not entirely correct. This is a 3. Communicate with Laptop, Desktops and mobile phones 3. HC has also relatively broad set of AT commands to inquire, set, start, or stop the connection.

Bluetoth are two most frequently blurtooth Bluetooth Profiles for the general data communication between Smart Device and Bluetooth Peripheral: Waiting for connection in Data Mode Blink twice in 1 sec: But, the photos in the datasneet sheet feature modules without the logo. Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. The baud rate and PIN cannot be interrogated so blueooth care when setting. Everything received via Bluetooth will be given out by this pin as serial data.

The datasheet available from the Taobao sellers is the Wavesen Chinese data sheet. Example From Host controller: It may also be worth while trying to connect to a Bluetooth terminal app.

When the modules are first powered on they go in to AT mode. The name password and other default parameters can be changed by entering into the.

I presume the 2 are the same module?