Check out Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Act 2 – “Be Kind and Courteous To This Gentleman” by Elizabeth Harwood & London Symphony Orchestra. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Be kind and courteous, an aria for from the English opera A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Benjamin Britten. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Be kind and courteous, an aria for from the English opera Midsummers Night’s Dream by Benjamin Britten.

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Hippolyta Contralto The queen of the Amazons. His health was uneven; gout, tendonitis and bursitis all plaguing him over the course of the year.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A friend of Hermia who was previously engaged coyrteous Demetrius before he called it off to marry Hermia. Britten’s MSND has an enormous number of characters by operatic standards and it is also unusual in that so many of them are prominent. Everything came together to a near total success. With the libretto swiftly assembled, Britten set about writing the score.

The first appearance of the fairies. Bottom awakens with his head returned to normal, he thinks it has only been a dream but a very strange dream at that. Brittsn then leads the four away through the woods, applying the needed juice and antidote to them as they fall asleep.


They begin but are soon spotted by Puck who decides to work some mischief. Oberon Injurious Hermia Sung by: On another it is a psychological treasure trove, purity, madness and cruelty crashing against each other to riveting effect.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | The Opera

briten The queen of the Amazons. A mischievous sprite who does the bidding of Oberon to sometimes unintended effect. From the ethereal beauty of the fairies to the rough and tumble of the Mechanicals.

Bd sung by a boy treble but occasionally by a female singer. Demetrius arrives pursued by Helena but angrily dismisses her.

Arguably one of Britten’s best recordings of his own works! Puck acts without thought for others but acts essentially innocently. Tytania Soprano Briften queen of the fairies.

Auden, Britten had regularly returned to the subject of dreams and darkness whilst innocence was a subject that preoccupied him throughout his life. The tailor who plays the part of moon. Quince Bass The leader of the mechanicals troupe though Bottom often rides roughshod over his opinions. This isn’t to say it isn’t popular but considering its accessibility, wit and sophistication: The fourth of Tytania’s four fairy servants.


Oberon I am your spaniel Sung by: The Royal Opera would produce it the year after its premiere and MSND was rapidly taken up abroad not infrequently in translationbecoming a part of the international standard repertory. Flees Athens with Hermia before the opera begins. The first of Tytania’s couurteous fairy servants.

The third of Tytania’s four fairy servants. A bellow-mender courteoud by the prospect of acting in a play. The second of Tytania’s four fairy servants.

Don’t worry if it seems like a lot to remember, one of the joys of this opera is just how enjoyable it is even when you’ve lost the plot! He provides considerable comic relief, particularly when he gains his donkey’s head and frolics with Tytania. Nor was he helped by Imogen Holst, his music assistant, being rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis and told to take six weeks rest after the resulting operation.

Hermia enters and is swiftly rejected by Lysander which only enrages Helena more as she thinks the other three are mocking her.