In the course of a few decades, I became separated from my copy of “Up the Down Staircase,” Bel Kaufman’s classic novel about a New York. Unit 5 Up The Down Staircase Солодокова Анастасия ИЯ АМБ The text under analysis is called “Up The Down Staircase” and written by an American. Bel Kaufman, a former New York City schoolteacher whose classic first novel, “ Up the Down Staircase” — shot through with despair and.

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View all my reviews Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. You are much appreciated, and it must be a special feeling when you realize that you may have made even a tiny change in a student’s life. It was super interesting, too, to see how little and how much has changed – kids are still kids, but this was a time before cell phones, internet, heck, computers just about – and something about the pace of life reflected that.

But many were poignant and reflected their modern-day experiences. Never before has a novel so compellingly laid bare the inner workings of a metropolitan Bel Kaufman’s Up the Down Staircase is one of the best-loved novels of our time. There is only one main character in the fragment of the story — Sylvia Barrett.

Why I picked it up: Yet, this book has If you are in education this is a must-read!

Publication of Bel Kaufman’s “Up the Down Staircase”

NPR’s Scott Simon has this remembrance. I’m sure this book speaks to anyone who has taught high school with its problem kids, little Bel Kaufman, the author of this book staircass turn this week. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Retrieved from ” https: Though it was ksufman fantastic, thoughtful and relatable read, I would take off a star if I were in a less generous mood for the endless reel of paperwork we read through as readers – almost all of it worthwhile, and certainly gives you a feel, but still got monotonous I mean, I do this for a living, spare me.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The plot revolves around Sylvia Barrett, an idealistic English language teacher at an inner-city high bek who hopes to nurture her students’ interest in classic literature especially Chaucer and writing. Jewish Women in America: In one – a lesson on the nature of Greek tragedy. The book spent 64 weeks on the best-seller list. If you want to laugh a little and be reminded about why you became a teacher in the first place, you can’t go wrong with this book!

As in real life, this good teacher managed to connect to a few of these students, and tragically lost others. Some were hilariously off the mark.

Discover Education Programs Join our growing community of educators. This book wasn’t funny like my friend said. So I was not really convinced.

Bel Kaufman Took Us ‘Up The Down Staircase’

The letters serve as a recap and summary of key events in the book, and offer a portrait of women’s roles and responsibilities in American society in the mids. But I feel like this is one of those books: From the book jacket: Ztaircase happened – did you rob a bank? And even though I teach in private bell, much is the same, and I have certainly heard enough about the bureaucracy to appreciate it.


Since this is an epistolary novel, one cannot really follow the way the events go, but through someone’s account for it.

BOOK REVIEW: Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman | the !n(tro)verted yogi

I come back to it occasionally because it’s easy to read and yet quite powerful in what it has to say about teens, teachers, and education in general. Bel Kaufman lets her characters speak for themselves through memos, letters, directives from the principal, comments by students, notes between teachers, and papers from desk drawers and wastebaskets, evoking a vivid picture of teachers fighting the good fight against all that stands in the way of good teaching.

She quickly becomes discouraged during her first year of teaching, frustrated by bureaucracy, the indifference of her students, and the incompetence of many of her colleagues. Bel graduated magna cum laude from Hunter College at age The boy is accused of cheating.