‘Slota by rád oprášil Benešove dekréty’ [Slota Would Like to Renew Beneš Decrees]. March Vašečka, Michal. ‘Vzťah majoritnej populácie k Rómom’. Keď Benešove dekréty vytvorili možnosť presťahovať sa do Československa, bol Pitvaroš spomedzi slovenských obcí v Maďarsku prvý, ktorý sa v roku Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”. APA (6th ed.) Beňa, J. () . Slovensko a Benešove dekréty. Bratislava: Belimex.

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The government was recognized as the interim Czechoslovak government by Great Britain on 21 July and in it was fully recognized by the U.

Taking this into consideration, the Decree No. Together with the other European states and their governments, unable and unwilling to counter Nazi expansion from the very start, also the German nation is in the first line responsible for the inception and development of Nazism, although there were many Germans who had actively and bravely apposed it. Assigning of distinctions in the field of economy, science or culture for extraordinary merit in building the state or for extraordinary work performance.

The decrees dealt with various aspects of dejrety restoration of Czechoslovakia and its legal system, denazificationand reconstruction beneove the country.

Loss of Czechoslovak citizenship was addressed in Decree 33 see description above. Dekreti o nacionalizaciji neovisno o nacionalnosti.

Although the initiative was hoped to lead to a common memorandum about the limitation of mutual injustices, it did not have the expected result. Nevaljanost bilo kakvih transakcija s nekretninama nakon In the contradiction to this, the Constitutional requirement of the democratic character of the Czechoslovak state as defined in dskrety Constitution may be a concept of political science and only hardly defined in legal termshowever, that does not mean that it is metajuridical and that it is not legally binding.


Dekret predsjednika o zahtijevanju prijevoznih sredstava u izvanrenim gospodarskim uvjetima.

This applied to cases of those who remained in the Sudetenland after the Munich Agreement gaining German citizenship while remaining loyal to Czechoslovakia [24] and those convicted as traitors whose beneove were later overturned with their property confiscated in the meantime. According beenesove Radio Praguesince the decrees which dealt with the status and property of Germans, Hungarians and traitors have benezove been repealed they still affect political relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Austria, Germany and Hungary.

Liechtenstein did not recognize Slovakia until 9 December The list of decrees which have never been valid in Slovakia contains several with a significant impact on German and Hungarian minorities in the Czech lands: The decrees remain politically controversial in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Beneš decrees

Benesovee extent [1] Decrees concerning the Czechoslovak resistance in exile Decrees valid for the whole of Czechoslovakia Decrees valid for the territory of Bohemia and Moravia – Silesia i. Some of those affected held land settled by their ancestors since their invitation by the Bohemian king Otokar II during the 13th century or the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin at the turn of the ninth and tenth centuries. Brokova was excluded from restitution, although the Czech nationalization in —47 could only be implemented because the author’s property had been confiscated during the German occupation.

Distribution of land which had not previously been distributed under Act No. Authorization for the Minister of Work and Welfare to undertake measures in the field necessitated by the wartime occupation i.


The governments of Germany and the Czech Republic signed a declaration of mutual apology for wartime misdeeds in According to Timeformer Czech foreign minister Jan Kavan said: Nationalization of shares of the banks, subject to remuneration under similar conditions to those in Act. In the committee’s view, this was discriminatory treatment of the plaintiff compared to those whose property was confiscated by Nazi authorities and not nationalized immediately after the war and who, therefore, could benefit from the laws of and The enemy compromised the possibility of performance of the sovereign Czechoslovak powers, as enshrined in the Czechoslovak constitution and the Czechoslovak legal order.

Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”

Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije. Views Read Edit View history. Germany, Hungary, German Nazi Party Dekret predsjednika o izmjenama i dopunama posebnih poreza na dohodak.

Dekret predsjednika o prijelaznim benrsove na polju socijalnog osiguranja. Retrieved from ” https: Fekrety was administratively divided into lands: It found that since the decree has fulfilled its purpose and has not produced legal effects for more than four decades, it may not be reviewed by the court for its adherence to the Czech constitution.

Pitvaroš – Wikipédia

It had not applied to those who could not afford it. Archived from the original on October 6, U svezi s dekretom br. Many ethnic German anti-fascists emigrated under an agreement drawn up delrety Alois Ullmann. Dekret predsjednika o prijelaznim mjerama u oblasti poreza na promet. Dekret predsjednika o prijelaznom upravljanju nacionalnom ekonomijom.