Benjamin Hoff, Author Dutton/Signet $ (p) ISBN Piglet shows the Way, turning his smallness into an asset and embodying Te. Now, as luck would have it, Pooh’s buddy Piglet turns out to be the perfect embodiment of Te, the Taoist term for virtue, which is attained. In this companion to his bestselling The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff uses the lowly and self-abnegating character from A. A. Milne’s classics to proclaim the.

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I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. An utterly unique book which makes complex concepts accessible with a little genjamin from Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. If you change you change, if you don’t you don’t. Please provide an email address. Because no matter what happens, in white American culture, a woman has no options of matriarchal naming, the author thinks this lack of options reveals a weakness in feminism.

Views Read Edit View history. The few points he tried to make about Piglet he’d already made in the Tao of Pooh – complete with the same examples from the same stories.

True Pooh hoft, and people who found the Tao of Pooh an endearing comparison of classic literature to classic philosophy. If you’re a lover of literature or just curious about why Pooh Bear does what he does, this is definitely an excellent addition to your collection! If you want to learn about Piglet’s worldview, you can’t do better than to read him as Milne wrote him. If you want to contrast ancient philosophy with modern society but don’t critically analyze all sides you are doing yourself a disservice.

Our customer reviews Taoism concepts, to my own ignorent self, are usually somewhat esoteric, mystical or just generally hard to understand. I threw this book across the room. Also, he talks negatively about things like Burger stands in the United States and saying that, how in China they have tea shops where you hkff sit and talk and interact and be social and Europe they have coffee shops where you can sit and talk and interact and be social, but in America we have Burger stands which force you to get in and get out quickly as possible.


I was introduced to this book as required reading for my yoga training certification. It doesn’t even bear re-reading.

It is written with many embedded stories from the A. Again with the ridiculous rambling of Benjamin Hoff and his hatred of the Western World and Christianity the belief of the Western World through his teaching of Taoism using the beloved prekindergarten characters of Winnie the Pooh.

I am pretty new to the concept of Taoism, but the author presented it in an easy-to-follow way and put more emphasis on the philosophy part than the religious part. Instead we get Hoff’s meandering pigldt of Western Civilization, Philosophy, and culture which came across like disorganized, unfocused, preachy, ramblings.

And what’s this nonsense about ‘Eeyore Amazons’? Through his writings for Punch magazine, A. Milne’s classic children’s stories – featuring Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Christopher Benjamn and, of course, Pooh himself – are both heart-warming and funny, teaching lessons of friendship and reflecting the power of a child’s imagination like no other story before or since.

Pooh ranks alongside other beloved characters such as Paddington Bear, and Peter Rabbit as an essential part of our literary heritage.

But isn’t that annoying to readers? English Choose a language for shopping.

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As I said I do like the book, I plglet appreciate and think he points out a lot of great things. Those stories are great and hilarious and insightful.

He forgets about all the people teh do get hurt from half-assing a way of life that can change the world when practiced with patience and concentration. Our friend piylet seems to dislike you, Eeyore. He seems to idealise and romanticise his idea of “their” thought to an inordinate degree, without really being aware of what’s going on on that side of the world. Hoff clearly didn’t want to write it, from the way he was describing in the beginning. I ended up skipping pages to get past Hoff’s tirades on how we should live in sod houses eating only the twigs and berries that grow on our front bejamin, and how all the world’s problems would be solved by sitting in a drum circle or hunger strikes, hoping the rest of the world notices, a la Gandhi.


This book is just a platform for the author to whine about how much he hates the US, and placing all of east Tye on a pedastal while completely ignoring their problems. Would be a great book for the vacation reader as well as the scholar.

THE TE OF PIGLET by Benjamin Hoff | Kirkus Reviews

What has happened to your cheerful demeanor? The Tao of Pooh.

It’s WTF bizarre in the context of the book. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff | : Books

Why, what Whining we shall have tonight, sir Additionally, the interrupting animal trope is incredibly disrupt While the supplementary materials included Taoist texts and large blocks of A.

Books by Benjamin Hoff. From C – Literary Studies: I had hoped that Hoff would grow in the ten years after Tao hhoff Pooh. For example, on page 78 he goes into a rather strange tange What an unfortunate book. These books are filled with delightful little insights into the motivations behind Pooh and his friends, comparing the id and the ego of Pooh and Piglet while drawing comparisons from literature and schools of thought throughout the world.

It has a few gems, but the author ebnjamin gets distracted by their own eccentric and traditionalist worldview. Absolutely adorable books for someone who both loves children’s literature and philosophy. Keep it simple and basic. Amazon Rapids Fun pgilet for kids on the go. Feb 02, G. But what’s this, you’re looking a bit doom-and-gloom, my friend.