Manualc di l&Eruzionc instruction Manual Mcded Emplol @BERETTA _e . 11 TYPE F DESCRIPTION Beretta S semi-automatic pistols, available in. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual). Field Stripping. Last Updated on Sat, 10 Nov | Beretta S Semi. WARNING: Make sure the pistol is unloaded. If not, unload it following the.

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Beretta 9000S – Manual (EN)

Hunters and target shooters should load their firearm only at their destination. Keep your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire and engage the manual safety, if present.

Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Half-cock Notch on hammer Fig. I Keep your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire. When berretta safety lever is moved all the way upward, past the safety position, it allows safe hammer lowering.

The slide catch is a lever that holds the slide open and rearward after the last round is fired. A user who decodes a pistol by pulling the trigger or who lowers a hammer by hand might discharge a round in the chamber.

No further disassembly is recommended heretta done by a competent gunsmith. Read instructions concerning Firing found in this manual. Do not leave lubricant inside the magazine box. Read carefully the special features for the particular model of Beretta pistol you are using.

This allows the user to immediately determine that the pistol does not have a round in the chamber or in the magazine. It is your responsibility to insure that children under the age of 18 or other unauthorized persons do not gain access to your firearm. Pushed by the recoil springs, the slide then moves forward, feeding the next cartridge from the magazine into the chamberand engaging the barrel.


Type D pistols are designed to fire in the double action mode only. The pistol will fire the first shot in double action. When you are shooting at a target, know what is behind it.

Automatic Firing Pin Block Fig. This safety is overcome only by trigger pull Fig. The external hammer allows the user to visually and immediately determine that the hammer is cocked, half-cocked or lowered. Remove the magazine from the pistol by depressing the magazine release button F ig.

Beretta – Unofficial Beretta Site

To further familiarize yourself with the berstta use of this or other firearms, take a Firearms Safety Course taught by an expert in firearms use and safety procedures. The type and capacity of magazine for current Model S pistols is as follows: Some bullets can travel over a mile. Sights front and rear sights dovetailed to slide. The illustrations and descriptions given in this brochure are intended as a general guide only, and must not be aken as binding.

If necessary, first clean the bore with a gun solvent. Majual point the firearm in a safe direction. An overloaded magazine may notfunction properly. To aid sighting under low light conditions, the sights are equipped with white dots. Make sure the chamber is free from any obstruction or possible bullet blocked inside the barrel due to defective or improper ammunition.

The compact dimensions and the light weight make the Beretta S pistols easy to conceal and operate.

This lever allows the user to decock the hammer without requiring trigger pull or lowering of the hammer by hand. This feature reduces the likelihood of inadvertent discharge on subsequent shots. A shooter must always wear impact resistant shooting glasses when firing any firearm.

Free Shop Manual – Downloads: Firearms / Guns / Pistol / Handguns

Removable, High Capacity Magazine Fig. Chrome plated bore and chamber. Also considered a safety feature during emergency use of a pistol, the double action trigger pull both manial and drops the hammer in the same motion.


Double action trigger pull is considered a safety feature because it allows the user to attempt to refire a non-firing cartridge simply by pulling the trigger a second time, rather than having to unload the non-firing round before the pistol can be used again. In addition to the Basic Safety Rules, there are other Safety Rules pertaining to the loading, unloading, disassembly, assembly and use of this firearm, located throughout this manual.

breetta To prevent malfunctioning always visually inspect each cartridge for external damage before loading. Have adequate ventilation at all times. The chamber is empty when no cartridge is visible when looking into the open chamber Fig. Do not apply excess oil. The slide remains open when an empty magazine is inserted or the slide catch is pressed upwards.

Accumulation of oil attracts dirt and dust, which can interfere with the functioning and reliability of the gun. Dry the parts carefully with a clean patch. The most certain way to check whether a pistol is loaded is to pull back on the slide and visually inspect the chamber for a round.

Beretta Owner’s Manual for pistol S

Shotguns and rifles can be checked by cycling or removing all rounds and by then opening the chamber so that a visual inspection of 6 the chamber for any remaining rounds can be made. Model S cal. When the manual safety is engaged, the linkage between trigger and sear is disconnected and the rotation of the sear is prevented. Never disengage the safety on a firearm unless you intend to shoot.