Bigger Than the Game has ratings and 43 reviews. Gord said: After reading Dirk Hayhurst’s the Bullpen Gospels, I was looking forward to reading more. The title of Dirk Hayhurst%26#;s third %26#;tell-all%26#; book, Bigger than the Game: Restitching a Major League Life, is a bit. His third book, Bigger than the Game, may be his greatest attempt yet to show the world what life at the highest level is truly.

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Feb 24, Dylan Wilson rated it really liked it. Bigger Than the Game is the third book I have read from Hayhurst. The fact that it is delivered in a package that is fast-paced, engrossing and often hilarious, makes it that much better. Email my Publicist at Kensington. Dirk gets injured and his experiences move to the trials and tribulations of dealing with rehab, teammates resentful of his writing, and the realization that what makes one good on the field of competition is not necessarily what gives one an acceptable quality of life.


It is Dirk Hayhurst’s 4th book about his life rhan a baseball player. Dirk gets injured and his experiences move to the trials and tribulations of dealing with rehab, teammates resentful of his writing, and Broken Athletes and What it Means to be Human I have read all four of Dirk Hayhurst’s books now and have enjoyed each one of them. The if and Whens. Those of us who follow sports often hear about an athlete “rehabbing” after a major injury.

Bigger Than the Game: Restitching a Major League Life by Dirk Hayhurst

This is why I like Dirk Hayhurst. Darrell Ceciliani, ball player by Keegan Matheson. Here Hayhurst shows us the physical and emotional struggle recovering athletes go through day in and day out. To take any of it more seriously than that drik a mistake.


There were some “insider” details that gave insight into life in the p This is the third in Hayhurst’s “Bullpen Gospels” series. Jan 24, Meril rated it it was ok Shelves: It was a good time in my life to read this book. I highly recommend the Bullpen Gospels but recommend that you should avoid Bigger than the Game!

The writing is well crafted and easy to read. This book shows why baseball is so often used as a metaphor hayhhurst life.

This is a rare treat, and would be essential reading for this fact alone, even if the tale was not well conveyed. Not only is Wilk gzme a larger than life personality but so are the other patients.

But this is set aside in the second half of the story. Think ‘Ball Four’ with names changed to protect anonymity. I think I’m being a bit tougher on this one than I have been on his other books because I think the issue of mental illness is so important and I am glad when athletes do address the effects it can have on even people who seem, by all appearances, to have it all. I know firsthand that it can make an ass out of one. In this book Dirk shows us what a player goes through when he is injured and has to rehabilitate the injury away from the team.

Hayhurst simply recounts his experiences, how he handled success, how he dealt with defeat and how he suffered with pain. However, I do spend several hours a week thinking about and studying baseball. In the end, I had a weird feeling that I was looking into the lives of Hayhurst’s teammates in a “TMZ” kind of way – they didn’t want to be in the book, but there they were.

Review of Bigger Than The Game by Dirk Hayhurst

I’m glad that it was a quick read, as I found myself really not enjoying many of the stories he told. He is thankful the Toronto Blue Jays kept him and didn’t release him.


People disappear, notably Hayhurst’s wife, whose deep concern for her husband in the first few chapters is quite moving.

As a book about medical and mental health dirkk, it tends to be overwrought, with quotes of conversations that appear very one-sided sprinkled throughout. View all CFB Sites.

Like Haynurst have said in other reviews, Hayhurst is a great communicator. One Shot at Forever. First he has denial and self-treatment tactics. With time suddenly on their hands basic insecurities often rise and introspection follows.

This is the third book in a baseball trilogy and the previous two were fascinating and funny. It is an interesting look into how one sports professional deals with a serious injury and his rehabilitation. We are privy to the rarely seen shadow world of pro sports rehabbing and psychologists.

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There are lots of monologue moments for Hayhurst that appear as quotes, though no one talks this way in real life. Throw in the flack Dirk takes from certain players about his first book which is released in and you see a down time in his career. This book shows very little of the actual playing of baseball.

Another gripping, great baseball book. When that doesn’t do so well, he rehabs at a couple of sports medicine clinics.

At any opportunity he was sucking up to the media to promote his previous book which dik just coming out when this book takes place or going on and on about what a hard time he was having adjusting and being shut out by the other team members.