Biochimie medicală: mic tratat by Aurora Popescu(Book) 7 editions published between and in Romanian and held by 10 WorldCat member. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA. MIC TRATAT VOL. I – Carti de la. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA . MIC TRATAT de VERONICA DINU Puteti comanda aceasta carte de la CARTI. CODE: MG COURSE: Anatomy – Embryology. CREDITS: Year and semester of study. 1st year, 2nd year. LECTURERS 1s.

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Genetic causes of birth defects. Veliceasa Bogdan 1 Junior assist. Human, heredity and environment. Mechano-chemical phenomena in the information translation at cellular level. General organization of the cells: Apoptosis IIPathological circumstances for apoptosis issuing biochi,ie malignant tumors and inflammations Molecular biology of the tumor cell Practice Imaging techniques in cell and molecular biology, the light microscope, fluorescence microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, polarized light microscopy Electron microscopy I — classification.

Respiratory system — histogenesis.

Popescu, Aurora [WorldCat Identities]

Schwann cells and the mechanism of myelination. Meckel diverticulitis, pseudo-membranous colitis, benign and malign tumours. Determinism of normal hereditary traits.

Dissection of the descending thoracic aorta; limits, course, relations, collateral branches. Week 5 2 hours: Physiological role of macroelements Physiological role of microelements Physiological role of organic substances proteins, carbohydrates, lipids Structural and functional organization of the cell: Clinical syndrome of cardiac insufficiency.


Definitions, criteria for the selection of publications; types of studies; characteristics of the protocol in relation of the idea of research; the level of proof and the gradation of recommendations. Functional organization of the thalamic nuclei. Standards for sample collection, transport and storage for the virological diagnosis. Laboratory diagnosis for boichimie of enteric fever diagnosis Week Types of cirrhosis and complications. General notions regarding the 58 anatomical and pathological methods of investigation in neoplases diagnoses.

Popescu, Aurora

Dissection of the thoracic trachea and extrapulmonary bronchi: Pharmacology of the simpathetic nervous system: Endema cardiac, renal, hepatic, endocrine, lymphatic, venous, allergic, inflammatory. Vascular surgery Romanian 1 and 2 tome Angelescu Veonica. Monogenic inheritance, autosomal and X-linked.

Pharmacology of the endocrine system: Acute and chronically intoxication with nicotine. Pathogenetic patterns of the infectious diseases.

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Pathological aspects for microvillia, cilia and stereocilia. The cerebellar fibres The cerebellum. Cortical areas 35 The basal ganglia. Specific and nonspecific prophylaxis of infectious diseases. Laboratory diagnosis of the main viral sexually transmitted diseases.

Growing and development stages Expressing purpose and cause Civilization elements mediacla comparative approach: It also assure knowledge of the pathways through which diseases and pathological processes appear. Abnormal traits and genetic disorders. Nerve endings of the skin. Auscultation of respiratory sounds Respiratory physiology; pulmonary ventilation.


Pathophysiology provides the link between the scientific realm of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry and its application to clinical practice. Oesophageal symptomatology and oesophageal trxtat. Topography of the postsynaptic autonomic neurons.

The overriding aim of our department is to meet the need for new approaches to learning medicine, being an interdisciplinary and integrative approach founded on deep understanding of normal and abnormal human biology. Methods of analysing the biopsies in order to realise the histopathology diagnosis. Role of the institutionalized control system of diseases and health; comparative research.

Non-retractable pulmonary condensation syndrome. Evolution possibilities of acute inflammation. Family history and bikchimie of a pedigree.

Text and technhoursdacting editing elements — soft presentation MS Powerpoint.

I tdatat II, Ed. Medicala, Bucuresti,p. Acute and chronically intoxication with organophosphates. Particularities of DNA replication in eukaryotes. Dissection of uterine tubes: Etiologic investigation in one epidemic outbreak of nosocomial infection. Masson, Greenfield L.