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It only includes three activities on purpose, so you can complete the tutorial in a shorter period of time. This form appears to the Requester once the agent has analyzed and the ticket and proposed a resolution. Click tthe Ticket resolved?

Modeling data involves defining structures to hold information that your business requires. A Help desk agent: When logged out, you see the login page, and you can now run a full test involving the different users participating in the Help Desk process:.

Detailed description, Severity and Ticket attachments. This case has already moved forward into the Confirm solution activity.

Click New process in the Process wizard step number 1 “Model tutoriwl and give your process a name. Tick the Yes radio button and click Next when ready.

Bizagi video tutorials

Inputted values or changes to them are temporarily saved, and permanently saved when you save the whole process diagram. In general, defining Entity data tuhorial lets you define reusable entities which you can navigate into, starting from the one currently standing on HelpDesk.

The Process wizard presents seven steps in a carousel, though we will not use all of them in this tutorial. Design how to store your information. After you click Add Severity, the cursor is in the first column needing your input Name for this value. Add the new Activity t o the bottom Lane Help desk agent:. Close the form and click YES Savewhen prompted, to save your changes to the form. Click New user to repeat the these steps for a second user.


The Severity entity used in this tutorial stores a preset list with values gizagi choose from in this case, a Critical, Medium or Tutoriql qualification that enables a classification of tickets.

Click the Forms icon to move into step three or click the Next arrow to the right:. You return to the process diagram view for the forms. With Bizagi, you can create an application with any number of processes, but for the sake of simplicity in this tutorial, we will create just this one. Do not change the default assignment method it should remain By load. Business rules support both: The assignment algorithm evaluates that the same user U02 should work on this case since they tutoriall worked on it before, so user U02 has priority over user U03 even though both users have the Service agent role that meets the assignment condition.

In the end, all of these should have Analysis as the only listed role, set as Allow:. Click on Add user group this time:. The important point in this step is to fill out the Suggested steps field. For instance, tuttorial following image shows a different and more complete Help desk process sample that is available for download at the Bizagi Process Xchange:. In the Pie menu, select Activity icon and drag and drop it into the bottom Lane Help desk agent:.

Click Expert in the upper ribbon to move out of the Process Wizard and into an advanced view based on biagi. Using the Pie menu makes it quick and easy to draw the process diagram; however, dragging and dropping shapes from the Palette and connecting them afterward by using Sequence Flows is also an option. You need to define how they become active. Fill out details for Analyze and resolve. Assignment of work to process participants is most often based on role definitions, though it is not necessarily bound to them i.


Notice that Report ticket no longer displays an alert because its user interface has been configured.

Bizagi Maintenance

bizahi Refer to a previously created one. Set the condition to evaluate the user’s role, but this time define a new role called ” Requester”.

Click Admin menu and then select Users:. For this tutorial and for simplicity, we define a very basic Help desk data model that contains the ticket’s subject, a description, and file attachments for starters, as well as other bits of information involved further on during the process such as: Add an Activity following Report ticketby using the Pie menu. At this point, see the four users you created, plus the default internal system user admon:. Double-click the Subject attribute to include it in the form.

Switch to the Organizations tab, and assign the current default Organization named Organization. This is the UI, the user interface.

Right-click this entity and select Advanced properties: Right-click Analyze and resolve and then click Properties.