The National Book Award finalists were just announced by Scott Turow via live web video (watch), and Harriet emeritus Patricia Smith. Blood Dazzler By Patricia Smith Hardcover, 90 pages. Coffee House Press List price: $ SIBLINGS Hurricanes, Arlene learned to. BLOOD DAZZLER is a tale of the storm we should have seen coming and the sociopolitical firestorm left in its wake. Based on Patricia Smith’s award-winning.

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The words climb all over each other, providing a million ways of seeing the same static moment.

Smith also introduces a dog named Luther B, whose owner chained him up outside with lots of food and water because they couldn’t bring him and planned to be right back. As an editorial assistant at the Chicago Sun-Times in the late s, she wrote a review of a concert that she had not attended. I grew up in New Orleans and the storm displaced my relatives; maybe I know more than the average reader would.

Poems Excerpted From ‘Blood Dazzler’

The rain falls and the people of this world continue patrcia spin their memories and sing from their rooftops while they wait for help that may never come. I can see it coming, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t believe I didn’t review this bonechillingly beautiful volume of poetry.

Wayne was a farmer’s farmer’s farmer. You are currently not logged in. He wipes my brow with steam, says I should sleep. Dennis never learned to swim.


Blood Dazzler – Angela’s Pulse

Sadness for the way we have not changed and our inept government. May 19, Karen rated it it was amazing. Patricia Smith was born in in Chicago, Illinois. Jan 05, Sherry Chandler rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It is called “34” and is in 34 sections. There are a few poem series in the book which are all separated throughout the book. It’s cruel and I hate it which means I love itand I hope and hope that in the end his survival is the one touch of God’s grace in this flood of suffering.

Poetry that is strong with memory and outrage. She doesn’t have to use those tactics because she writes beautifully, even when she is talking about terrible things. Donna Seman from Booklist praised this collection, saying that it is “a supremely arresting and smitn match of potent images and singing words. Her son Herbert, who had assured his mother that help was on patridia way, was forced to leave her there once she died.

Mar 16, Jonathan Dazzleg rated it it was amazing. Dazzper can see why this was nominated for the National Book Award.

Blood Dazzler

This book gave me goosebumps. One would think that the disaster that Katrina and the Bush Administration imposed upon New Orleans would be another such disaster but Patricia Smith has proven that poetry, at least in her hands, is equal t Right after the attacks on the World Trade Center and patrricia Pentagon, I heard an interview with Billy Collins on public radio.


Using different styles of poetry, Blood Dazzler follows the Katrina catastrophe through many different voices. Smith paints Hurricane Katrina as the black sheep of hurricanes.

Ethel Freeman, a woman whose body was left to rot in her wheelchair; the thirty-four bodies of the men and women left to drown in St. This book was gorgeous, stark, and powerful.

Dazzler from Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith. Won’t Be but a Minute 34 Ms. In third person persona the city of New Orleans: In poem after poem, Smith makes the devastation of Hurricane Katrina relatable for everyone. Open Preview See a Problem?

Patricia Smith (poet) – Wikipedia

The use of form is expertly done, with a gorgeous sestina Bloood wipes my brow with steam, says I should sleep. Smith gives voice to the storm: I believe him when he says help gon’ come.

I can easily agree that Katrina was an awful, awful tragedy, one which is still being mishandled in some ways, but that is not the total experience of Katrina, and that is where this collection flatlines. Animals are trusted to the weather and lost all the time — Luther B just happened to live in New Orleans. Returning to Hurricane Katrina, which New Orleans could never forget with rightful reason, this collection is bold, visceral, and beautiful.