Laboratory Glassware Catalogue / * denotes products not stocked. Containerware. Beakers. Synonymous with quality and affordability, the range of . new products that can be found on page 18 of this catalogue. Our credibility is our most Borosil is the market leader in laboratory glassware .. Bottle Top Dispensers -Research Model. Bottle Top. Buy Borosil Household Online: If you are looking to buy Kitchenware online, you can check all the stylish latest kitchenware collection on Flipkart. Check Borosil.

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Flask Vessels Reaction Wide mouth, flange, mm I.

Steam Distillation Consisting of flask ml. Similar to Borosil Cat. Round Bottom Flasks in New Delhi. Consisting of condenser mm. Multiple adapter B cone and B socket. To fit stirrer shaft mm. Receiver only without stopcock capacity 10 ml.

Mercury Distillation Assembly Consisting of distillation flask of ml. Call Send a quick message. Chromatography Apparatus Consisting ctaalogue dropping funnel ml. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Similar to Quickfit No. Conical Flask in New Delhi. Distillation Kjeldhai Quickfit Type consisting of flask R. Number of Employees Upto 10 People.


Of flask ml. Centre Socket Parallel 5? Filter Apparatus Bacteriological Consisting of Buchner funnel capacity 80 ml. View Contact Call Seller Now. Uniform wall borosill distribution makes these Flasks ideal for heating The conical form makes them suitable for mixing liquids The easy-to-read scale and large labelling field facilitate easy marking Graduated from 25 ml to ml Coloured in Amber to protect light-sensitive material.

B cone b Funnel plug B- 10 c Leibig condenser mm. Distillation removes borsil miscible organics and ionisable inorganic impurities, as well as colloidal solids from water. Cone Size Shank Length mm. Borosil Distillation Units are designed to produce a distillate of consistent purity. Receiver only with caralogue capacity 10 ml. Distillation Apparatus in New Delhi.

Capacity with B cone, reduction adapter with B socket and B cone. Receiver only without stopcock capacity 25 ml. Column tubes with tap 1. Get best deals for coconut. Clip condenser double coil B mm. Similar to Quickfit no.

Borosil Flask Chromatography Sprayers

Vacuum Distillation Consisting of flask capacity ml. Adapter with B- 19 cone. The Amber colour is applied only to the external surface to prevent contamination with the testing material Graduated, Conical, Amber, With Narrow Mouth Product Specification: Get Best Price Request a quote.


Product Description Distillation removes water miscible organics and ionisable inorganic impurities, as well as colloidal solids from water. Condenser spiral length mm.

Borosil | Annual Report

Distillation Apparatus Consisting of flask R. Adapter with B socket air Leak tube with B cone. Vacuum Distillation Consisting of flask R.

Socket Size Shank Length mm. D and Environmental Chambers Deep Freezers. Reaction with Stirring Assembly Complete with flasks capacity ml.

Superfit Continental Pvt Ltd – Products Information –

Industrial Distillation Plant in New Delhi. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm.

Ether condenser mm.

Splash head with B and B cone, condenser mm. All the parts are replaceable. Column tubes 2 cm.